International Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Has Funny Civil War Connection, Much Better Footage

This July, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will change forever when Tom Holland's Peter Parker gets a solo movie of his very own. Fans have waited a decade for Jon Watts' Spider-Man: Homecoming to finally bring the Web Head into the greater MCU, and it is clear that Marvel wants to make sure everyone knows that this incarnation of Spider-Man is connected to the rest of its heroes. To hammer that idea home even further, the brand new international trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming even features some impressive handheld camera footage showing that Peter was vlogging throughout a significant portion of Captain America: Civil War. Give it a watch.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely in love with its continuity -- and with good reason, as the franchise has become one the most successful in Hollywood history. To capitalize on that popularity, the MCU has started seamlessly blending the events of its movies into one another. Nowhere is that more noticeable than in this trailer, in which the fan-favorite airport sequence from Captain America: Civil War is retold through the eyes of Peter Parker and a GoPro camera. We then see the aftermath in which the excited and enthusiastic teenager reels from the experience of fighting alongside (and against) his greatest role models.

One of the more interesting aspects of this footage is the fact that it could potentially tie into Peter's secret identity during the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Any self-respecting Spider-Man fan already knows that Peter Parker makes a living by photographing Spider-Man for The Daily Bugle, and this footage could represent the genesis of that career. Upon realizing that he can make money off of his ability to videotape himself swinging through the New York City skyline, Peter could easily parlay that skill into a partnership with J. Jonah Jameson. We do know The Daily Bugle will not be a part of this new movie, but that doesn't mean learning journalism skills is totally out.

After the Captain America: Civil War connections, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer veers into familiar territory. We see Peter Parker struggling to get Tony Stark (Robert Downry Jr.) to view him as an equal. We see Vulture (Michael Keaton) acquiring high-tech weaponry recovered from various Avengers battles all over the world. We even get to see a glimpse of (what appears to be) the climactic battle on top of a plane. Everything that we have seen from the film already looks fantastic, although it remains difficult to discern whether or not these trailers have shown us too much of the plot. Many fans have already started to piece together each of the film's three acts through the marketing material that Marvel has released, and their guesses seem to have quite a bit of merit.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will swing its way into theaters later this year on July 7, 2017, and the Web Head will join the ranks of Earth's Mightiest Heroes when The Avengers: Infinity War debuts next year on May 4, 2018. Here's everything we currently know about Homecoming and Infinity War.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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