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The events that go down in both The Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 will have a serious impact on Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 -- and we're not only saying that because the wall-crawler has a part in both movies. As alluded to earlier, it has been confirmed that the events that play out in the sequel will begin literally minutes after the end of Avengers 4. Obviously, Infinity War saw young Peter Parker slowly turn to dust after Thanos gained full control of the Infinity Gauntlet, in one of the most heart-breaking scenes the MCU has ever brought us. Avengers 4, then, will need to restore the hero in some way, though we have no clue how that could work right now. Ideally, a smaller scale, street-level Spidey story will be the ideal come-down from the blockbuster high of its MCU predecessor, so we can probably expect that it will be more of a self-contained narrative (similar to the one that plays out in Spider-Man: Homecoming). And, this doesn't even mention the possibility of dealing with the after effects of what happened to Peter in Infinity War, which could also come into play.

That should give you a sense of what's going on with Spider-Man in the 2018 follow-up, but we also have some clues into what we should expect from Peter Parker in his personal life. After all, a big part of the charm of Spider-Man: Homecoming is the fact that it is a high-school movie and that the young protagonist has to deal with everyday teenager issues. It's been previously hinted that the film, which will be written by Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers (who also worked on the original), will move the hero up a grade -- from sophomore to junior -- which will surely bring along the stresses of college applications among many other things that come with being a 16-17 year old in the modern world.

One thing that we really know nothing about is who the primary villain in the movie will be -- as while Spider-Man: Homecoming hints at a solid B-level antagonist, there is presumably still an A-level slot to fill. This may wind up being a bit of a challenge given that many of Spider-Man's greatest foes have already been on the big screen -- including Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Venom, Lizard, Rhino, and Electro -- but the good news is that the web-slinger has one of the deepest villain benches around, and we still haven't seen notable baddies like Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio, Morbius The Living Vampire, Chameleon, and Hobgoblin. One of these villains has come to the fore as possibly being the Big Bad of Spider-Man: Homecoming 2, and we'll get into that a bit later.

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