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Of all the questions that we have concerning the new Han Solo movie, there may be none bigger than the simple question of what the film will actually be called. Now, the final title may have been leaked. An image has surfaced online which appears to show preliminary images for upcoming Star Wars themed LEGO products. However, along with the images of the toys, the catalog page includes what looks to be an official title card for the film, calling the movie simply Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Check it out.

Short, simple, and to the point, the title of the Han Solo movie could simply be Han Solo. This is far from confirmed, of course. The image posted to Reddit even has a watermark stamped over it calling the image preliminary, so it could be that the logo was simply a placeholder until the folks at Lucasfilm came up with a final title. Still, previously, we'd seen film crew logos that called the production Solo, so the idea that the title could be something so basic is far from a long shot.

The original poster of the image doesn't include any details about how they came by the booklet so the possibility that rather than simply being preliminary, it's actually not legit, is also an option here. At this point, there's no way to be sure until we get the final title officially from Lucasfilm.

The title does include the Star Wars Story subtitle that went along with Rogue One. Whatever the final title of the Han Solo movie ends up being, we expect to see that subtitle attached, as it is being considered a Star Wars "anthology" story in the same way that Rogue One was. Most, if not all, Star Wars movies that aren't episodes in the main saga will likely have that subtitle.

While this potential title isn't particularly flashy, there's a lot to be said for it. First off, since the movie is about the character, seeing his name in the title certainly makes sense. Any title that didn't at least include the name Solo would likely be strange. Exactly what else would you call it?

While the movie is less than a year away, the film has seen some delays due to the fact that the previous directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, were replaced in favor of Ron Howard. In addition to setting back filming, this almost certainly delayed the movie's promotion as well. It's possible they have been planning to give us the title of the movie once filming was complete. That was supposed to happen last month, but now filming won't be finished until sometime in September.

When the title is official we'll have it here at CinemaBlend. Until then, be sure to check out everything that is confirmed about the new film.

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