Aquaman Has Finished Filming, Here’s How Jason Momoa And More Celebrated

Aquaman has finally wrapped up filming. The upcoming DC movie has finished shooting just a few weeks before Arthur Curry gets a full introduction in Justice League (after being teased in previous DC movies). To celebrate the end of filming and, in extension, the beginning of post-production, Jason Momoa and a slew of other people involved with filming took to social media. You can take a look, below.

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Jason Momoa is generally someone who likes to throw out a heartfelt post at the end of filming, and his images and comments regarding the production wrap on Aquaman pay a lot of tribute to his co-star Amber Heard. Heard's had to do a lot to get into superhero shape for Aquaman, and we've seen the fruits of her labors via plenty of social media posts. Momoa also seemed thankful about getting to film in Australia with an "awesome" crew and cast.

Amber Heard was also clearly fond of working with Jason Momoa on the set of Aquaman; she even referred to him as her "Aquahubby," which is all sorts of excellent, even if we know already that Aquaman's relationship with Mera will be different than in the comics. You can check out her post, too.

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Director James Wan went a little goofier with his wrap post, choosing to spit out "mackerel" jokes and getting punny instead of being more sincere about filming in Australia and his co-star. But if you like puns, you'll certainly like the direction the director went in...

Although Justice League is coming out next month, we still suggest you savor these set photos, now. That's because the solo Aquaman movie is not actually going to hit theaters until December 21, 2018. Yeah, like more than a year from now. (Although we will keep our eyes peeled for the first trailer for the movie.)

You can take a look at what else is coming out next year with our full movies schedule. Or, you know, go ahead and get your heads on some Justice League movie tickets now.

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