Watch DC's Heroes Come Together In Justice League Music Video

Like every superhero movie, Justice League has its own theme music that's now available for purchase, but if there's an existing song that exemplifies this blockbuster, it's "Come Together." Since Warner Bros dropped the first Justice League trailer in April (excluding the footage shown at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con), the movie's marketing has frequently used Gary Clarke Jr's cover of the classic Beatles tune. That cover was officially uploaded online last month, but now you can check out its music video, which shows the biggest heroes of the DC films universe (so far) fulfilling the song's chorus.

Last year, three music videos were released for songs featured in Suicide Squad, including Rick Ross and Skrillex's "Purple Lamborghini," which saw Jared Leto reprising The Joker. This year, DC and Warner Bros are keeping this trend going with Justice League's "Come Together" music video, which is available on Gary Clarke Jr's YouTube page.

Outside of the singer and his band rocking out, there isn't any original Justice League footage in the video, but the existing action-packed scenes from the movie work well with the beat. I particularly got a kick out of out of Steppenwolf landing on the ground when "Here come ol' flattop" is heard. With only three weeks until the long-anticipated comic bokk movie movie is released, if you're looking for a way to hype yourself up for the Justice League's live action theatrical debut, this music video would be worth watching a few more times. Although Gary Clarke's "Come Together" is on the Justice League soundtrack, it remains to be seen if it will actually be played in the movie, even if it's just during the credits.

Taking place a few months after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League will follow Batman and Wonder Woman recruiting Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg to help protect the world in Superman's absence and serve as a new beacon of hope to the world. This team's formation comes not a moment too soon, as they'll have to thwart the alien invasion led by Steppenwolf. Sent by Darkseid to retrieve the three Mother Boxes that have been hidden on Earth for thousands of years, Steppenwolf and his Parademon army will stop at nothing to fulfill this mission and destroy our world. The movie will also see Superman be resurrected from the dead, though the exact circumstances of his return have thankfully been kept under wraps. Other notable DC characters set to appear in Justice League include Alfred Pennyworth, Lois Lane, Commissioner James Gordon, Hippolyta and more.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, and tickets are now available for pre-order. While we count down the remaining days until its release, head over to our 2017 premiere schedule to find out when this year's remaining movies will come out.

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