Super Trooper 2's Red Band Trailer Is Bonkers And Delightful

After 16 years, it's time for some shenanigans as the Vermont Highway Patrol returns to delight and offend in Super Troopers 2. In advance of the film's poetic and appropriate 4/20 release date, a full trailer for the long-awaited sequel has debuted, and it brings all the vulgarity and hilarity that made the original a cult classic. Take a look below to see the latest red band trailer for Super Troopers 2, and remember this is a red band trailer, so it's NSFW and probably quite offensive if you speak the French language. But other than that, please proceed. Meow!

The first trailer for Super Troopers 2 was really more of a teaser, letting us know that everything you loved about the original would be in the sequel film, but this trailer actually gives us a much better idea of what the film will be about. I love that this trailer starts out with a Don LaFontaine-esque voiceover, setting up the trailer with gravity and import before devolving into hilarious absurdity. Part of the fun of the first film was the rivalry between the Vermont State Troopers and the local police department, but here the adversary is far politer and much more Canadian. With a change in the northern U.S. border, the troopers will now find themselves relieving a Canadian Mountie unit and covering a newly American town. The culture clash between the troopers, the mounties and the residents of the town should make for some great moments, and it is clear that the film will be leaning heavily into every Canadian stereotype in the book.

It's been so long since the first one that it would be easy for this to look forced or not hit in the same way as it did before. But it is clear that everyone in this film fell right back into their characters and this world, looking like they didn't miss a beat. Mac, Thorny, Foster, Farva, Rabbit and Cap are all the same ridiculous characters we remember, and age has done nothing to dull their delinquency. We also get a look at Rob Lowe's Guy Le Franc in this trailer and he seems like a perfect addition to the cast. The first Super Troopers is probably the most memorable for the great traffic stop pranks performed by highway patrol and the sequel looks to deliver on more classic moments in that department. The French-off at a traffic stop between Thorny and Mac at the end of the trailer is bonkers, hysterical and everything you could hope for.

Comedy is probably the most difficult genre in which to deliver a quality sequel. They often disappoint or repeat too many of the same beats from the original, so there is always the danger of that. But there are some meta references in this trailer to the previous film, so hopefully this film can play off what came before without being slavish to it. If Super Troopers 2 is able to use the same formula with different, hilarious results, maybe this time it won't take years for it to find its audience. Super Troopers 2 was funded by fans thanks to a wildly successful IndieGogo campaign, and it is clear that the guys at Broken Lizard will be paying those fans back with a bonkers and delightful sequel that may even live up to the original. Super Troopers 2 is in theaters on 4/20. For all of the biggest movies hitting this year, check out our release schedule.

Nick Evans

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