If you follow the movie world closely, then you probably know that there are certain hotspots around the year for the biggest trailer releases. The entire month of December is big, looking ahead to the next year; and August usually houses some treats looking ahead to the fall. Nothing, however, compares to Super Bowl Sunday, which Hollywood regularly uses as a major marketing opportunity. For fans, the only "problem" is that we don't typically get a ton of warning for every major preview... but that just leaves us in anticipation.

The upcoming 11 months are filled with some absolutely massive movies, and the Super Bowl this weekend will definitely highlight many of them. But which titles are we most hoping to see? Read on for our list, and hit the comments below with your own predictions!

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Secrecy surrounding Star Wars movies has always been far beyond what it is for normal Hollywood blockbusters, but Solo: A Star Wars Story takes it to another level. Sure, the film had some production issues -- replacing Phil Lord and Chris Miller with Ron Howard right in the middle of the shoot -- but we are now about three-and-a-half months away from seeing the full thing, and have not seen a single frame. The Super Bowl could potentially change that.

It's always been weird that Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out just five months after Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but enough time has certainly passed now for the public consciousness to look towards the new. It's getting to a point where people are starting to wonder if they need to be concerned about the film -- considering the idea that Disney is hiding a train wreck -- but Disney could use the big game to prove those pessimists wrong.

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