White Tiger

One might argue that at this point one of the most significant things holding up the idea of a White Tiger movie is the fact that people will endlessly joke about it being another superhero feature with a "Color Big Cat" title. That being said, Hector Ayala and his descendants would be right at home on the big screen. First appearing in December 1975 and created by Bill Mantlo, Yvette Perez, and George Perez, he's one of the few significant Puerto Rican characters in Marvel's canon, and has a cool story to be told on the big screen that is made even stronger by more recent iterations of the hero.

In the comics, Hector Ayala becomes the White Tiger when he unites the three Jade Tiger amulets -- but what's perhaps even more exciting about the character's live-action potential is his lineage. In 2003, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev introduced Angela del Toro as Hector's niece, and had her inherit the White Tiger mantle as part of her heritage... and that story right there could easily be a film. We haven't really seen that kind of story as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe just yet, and it could be wonderful in the right hands.

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