Arnold Schwarzenegger's First Words After Heart Surgery Were Classic Movie Reference

arnold schwarzenegger in the terminator genisys

It's been a couple of day since Arnold Schwarzenegger was taken to the hospital to undergo emergency heart surgery. The famous actor and former governor headed to the hospital on Friday after his experimental catheter valve replacement failed. The valve was replaced and by the beginning of the weekend, and the actor's spokesperson Daniel Ketchell revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was stable after the surgery. He even seemed to be in good spirits, as Ketchell also revealed that Schwarzenegger made a famous movie reference upon waking up. He said about what happened:

Shwarzenegger is awake and his first words were actually 'I'm back,' so he is in good spirits.

"I'm back" is, of course, a nod to "I'll be back," a catchphrase associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger since the 1984 flick The Terminator came out. It ranks as one of the most famous movie quotes of all time -- and certainly one of the actor's most famous -- and it's super amusing that in the haze of anesthesia that he was still able to crack a joke like this upon waking up. "Good spirits" is certainly the right turn of phrase to use regarding the comment.

According to Ketchell's Twitter post, Arnold Schwarzenegger was undergoing a procedure to replace a pulmonic valve that was originally introduced in 1997, thanks to a congenital heart defect. That valve was never meant to be permanent and needed to be replaced. He also thanks the Cedars-Sinai medical team for helping out Schwarzenegger in his time of need.

During that procedure, an open-heart surgery team was prepared, as they frequently are in these circumstances, in case the catheter procedure was unable to be performed. We want to thank the entire medical team for their tireless efforts.

Although there's been a blip in the actor's schedule due to his heart surgery, the 70-year-old actor is still planning to be busy over the next year. The biggest of these is Terminator 6, which is expected to start filming this coming June. It is expected to come out by July of 2019. A sequel to Twins called Triplets has also been announced, although that has been in development for a while, along with a few other projects of that ilk. In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger can next be seen in Viy 2: Journey to China, opposite Jackie Chan. That flick is expected to hit theaters later this year. To see what else is hitting theaters, you can take a look at our full movie schedule.

We'll keep you updated if anything else goes down related to Arnold Schwarzenegger's health issues, but in the meantime, our thoughts are with the Governator, and we wish him a speedy recovery during this time.

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