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Netflix is good at the game of goodbye. Just when you start to really get to know a movie in your queue, it's already packed its bags and possibly moved on to another streaming service. June is certainly no exception, and there's some pretty big shoes that are going to be left unfilled when the latest monthly rapture hits your queue throughout the month ahead. As such, we'd like to recommend some titles you should definitely cram into your eyes before they make their way out the door. If you want to pay your respects to who left the lot last month, you can see May's notably departed elsewhere. Here now are those titles you should stop procrastinating on watching at once.

50 First Date Drew Barrymore Adam Sandler confused romance

50 First Dates

We could have sworn 50 First Dates had already been removed, and brought back, to the Netflix platform, but we can't really remember that with any certainty. In any case, it's a hard movie to forget, as Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's second pairing is one of the most memorable entries in either of their filmographies. With Barrymore playing an amnesiac whose memory practically reboots each day, Sandler is the paramour who will try to win her just as many times. Hey Netflix - put these two together on an episode of Santa Clarita Diet!

8 Mile Eminem Jimmy rides the bus

8 Mile

After seeing Eminem's acting debut in 8 Mile, we can't help but wonder why the multi-talented entertainer hasn't returned to acting in a dramatic role in the 15 years since its release. It's easy to write his performance off as method, seeing as the film is somewhat autobiographical, but that can only get you so far. Though it does help that the late Curtis Hanson was in the director's chair, and he had quality co-stars like the late Britney Murphy and Mekhi Phifer to act off of. We almost got him back with Southpaw, and if enough people watch this one on Netflix, maybe it'll inspire him to try again.

Men In Black Will Smith Tommy Lee Jones guns up against Edgar

Men In Black

21 years after Men In Black kicked off a certifiably blockbuster franchise, we're on the cusp of a new entry in the series that'll see Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Liam Neeson facing off against extraterrestrial violence. As we're totally jazzed about this new chapter, and the participants involved, it still gives us nostalgic goosebumps to think back to when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones broke the universe with their first pairing. This movie is a summer hit that still holds up, long after its novelty has been replicated and copied ad infinitum. No matter how many times we see it, Men In Black still makes this look good.

The Brothers Grimm Heath Ledger Peter Stormare Matt Damon brothers in trouble

The Brothers Grimm

Terry Gilliam is on a bit of a high right now, considering his long suffering The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has finally been completed, and shown to an impressed audience. It's a vindication of a man whose career has been made out of various struggles and underrated works. One such underrated work is The Brothers Grimm, a fantasy adventure comedy that sees Matt Damon and Heath Ledger flourish under his directorial hand. Playing the Grimm brothers as hucksters that created the stuff they wrote stories about is a pretty novel twist, but their reaction when they finally fall into supernatural peril is even better.

Training Day Ethan Hawke Denzel Washington Alonzo takes aim

Training Day

Partnerships like that of Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua are the types of collaborations that really excite the movie world, and its fans. With The Equalizer 2 heading to our screens later this year, it's the best time to revisit the film that started it all, Training Day. The role of dirty cop Alonzo would not only win Washington his first Best Actor trophy at the Academy Awards, it would also give the actor a then rare chance to stretch his villainous muscles. It's the film that kicked off the working the relationship that helped give us The Equalizer, so it's most definitely worth a look.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Josh Brolin in a naked woman's doorway

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

When Sin City debuted in 2005, it was a glass of cold, dark and refreshing water on the face of the people that'd become its fans. And yet, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For barely made a drop in the bucket once it arrived almost a decade later. While it was a delayed follow-up to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's first round of noir-tinged nastiness, it is no less potent than that first film. The punches are still strong, the dialogue as deliciously brooding, and the visuals sharp and crisp as ever. If you're on a binge of Josh Brolin's comic movie resume, this one has to be on your list.

Captain America: Civil War Avengers lineup divided

Captain America: Civil War

How the hell did this happen?! Seriously, Disney, you already have so few Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on Netflix's streaming library, and now we're losing Captain America: Civil War?! One of the top tier MCU titles is about to leave streaming, so if you want to give it one last watch before revisiting any of the films that came after it, now's the best time. But if you're new to the game, and still catching up on the MCU in general, this is the key to any abbreviated crash course in Marvel movie history, as this is the moment that defines who the Avengers are as a team when entering Avengers: Infinity War. Also, it's a pretty kick-ass Captain America movie.

On Golden Pond Katharine Hepburn Henry Fonda share a sweet embrace

On Golden Pond

Part family drama, part romantic tribute, On Golden Pond tells a story about how love enriches us from within and outside of our family bonds. It also represents the criminal fact that Henry Fonda never won an Academy Award until the twilight of his impressive career. More importantly, it's a movie that really understands the affection it sets its thematic sights on. If you're not moved by Katharine Hepburn's "knight in shining armor" remarks towards Fonda, her on-screen husband, you need to really think about what you're doing in life.

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