Netflix is good at the game of goodbye. Just when you start to really get to know a movie in your queue, it's already packed its bags and possibly moved on to another streaming service. June is certainly no exception, and there's some pretty big shoes that are going to be left unfilled when the latest monthly rapture hits your queue throughout the month ahead. As such, we'd like to recommend some titles you should definitely cram into your eyes before they make their way out the door. If you want to pay your respects to who left the lot last month, you can see May's notably departed elsewhere. Here now are those titles you should stop procrastinating on watching at once.

50 First Dates

We could have sworn 50 First Dates had already been removed, and brought back, to the Netflix platform, but we can't really remember that with any certainty. In any case, it's a hard movie to forget, as Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's second pairing is one of the most memorable entries in either of their filmographies. With Barrymore playing an amnesiac whose memory practically reboots each day, Sandler is the paramour who will try to win her just as many times. Hey Netflix - put these two together on an episode of Santa Clarita Diet!

8 Mile

After seeing Eminem's acting debut in 8 Mile, we can't help but wonder why the multi-talented entertainer hasn't returned to acting in a dramatic role in the 15 years since its release. It's easy to write his performance off as method, seeing as the film is somewhat autobiographical, but that can only get you so far. Though it does help that the late Curtis Hanson was in the director's chair, and he had quality co-stars like the late Britney Murphy and Mekhi Phifer to act off of. We almost got him back with Southpaw, and if enough people watch this one on Netflix, maybe it'll inspire him to try again.

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