Who Tag Stars Ed Helms And Jake Johnson Want For Tag 2

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We live in an age very much defined by sequels, so when any original movie debuts it's worth wondering if a follow-up could materialize. That's especially relevant for a movie like Tag, which features an all-star lineup of actors from a wide variety of genres and franchises. With the idea of Tag 2 in mind, I recently asked Ed Helms and Jake Johnson who they would want to bring into the fold for a sequel, and they had some pretty awesome answers including Tom Cruise, Max Greenfield, and many others. In response to the question, Johnson said:

Three people jumping in to Still Taggin, well look, I just finished New Girl. Let's bring Max Greenfield. Throw Schimdty in the mix, but I want him to be in Still Taggin as Schmidt... Tom Cruise. You know, Tom Cruise is a really intense individual. He was really fun to make The Mummy with. He knows Annabelle too. But I want him to come in as Tom Cruise. The third... We got Tom Cruise, we got Schmidt, who's the third person from the past that I've worked with? Charlyne Yi. The little movie we did called Paper Heart. If you don't know her you should Google her, because she's a very funny third.

Jake Johnson has worked with a wide variety of actors and actresses over the years, so he knows plenty of people who he would want to include in a massive Tag 2 ensemble. Following the recent New Girl finale, he wants to see Max Greenfield join in AS his beloved character, Schmidt. Moreover, he wants to get Tom Cruise in on the action to fill out Tag 2's more intense sequences. Then finally, he wants to shine a spotlight on comedienne Charlyne Yi (known for her work on Knocked Up and House) to sign on as well.

Then there's Ed Helms, who liked the success they saw with The Avengers' Jeremy Renner and wanted to see more action stars enter this particular world. Building off of Jake Johnson's remarks, Helms also addressed the possibility of Tom Cruise entering the tag game, and included a few other awesome action heroes. Helms said:

If there were a sequel? Well, we had a lot of good luck with Jeremy Renner, an action star, being super funny in this movie. So, I think it only makes sense we'd want to bring in Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, and Jackie Chan.

One of the most interesting things to note about these two answers is the fact that both Jake Johnson and Ed Helms think that Tom Cruise could fit within the Tag world. The Top Gun star has already proven his comedic chops with his roles in films like Risky Business and Tropic Thunder, so it's not that hard to imagine how he could fit in this particular world. Given the fact that Jeremy Renner worked with Cruise on Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation, maybe it would simply take a phone call to get those wheels turning.

Not content to stick with just three individuals, Jake Johnson chimed in one more time during our Tag interview and noted that he would also want to bring the late Andre the Giant into a potential sequel if The Princess Bride actor was still around to do so. Getting a bit more heartfelt, Johnson said:

Or if I can get a fourth living or dead, Andre the Giant. Just watched the documentary on him. He was one of my all-time favorites. RIP. I will always love Andre. He was one of the first people I'd ever seen where I thought, 'I like entertainers. I want to be that.' He's just special. So, I would bring Andre out and try to tag his big ass.

Of course, if you want to hear everything that Ed Helms and Jake Johnson had to say about the possibility of Tag 2 (or Still Taggin, as Johnson insisted on calling it), then you can check out a clip from the interview, below.

Only time will tell if we get a sequel, but for now, you can check out Tag in theaters. Beyond that, make sure to take a look at our full review of the movie and our in-depth review of the film as well as our review roundup, and head over to our movie premiere guide to get more information on all of the other movies set to hit the big screen this year!

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