Nathan Fillion Gets Honest About Booster Gold Rumors

Booster Gold

Nathan Filion is no stranger to being a part of fan castings. The actor has been at the top of fans most wanted lists for characters like Nathan Drake from Uncharted and Green Lantern, but perhaps the one he gets the most is Booster Gold. Plenty of fans want to see Fillion suit up as the time-traveling DC hero/screw-up Booster Gold in one form or another, but how does Fillion feel about playing the character one day. The actor recently opened up about Booster Gold at San Diego Comic-Con, and while he isn't actively campaigning for the role, he thinks he'd be great at it.

I heard that. He's a great character. Am I vying for the role? And do I want an internet thing to go crazy? No, I don't want that to happen. Do I think it's a great role? Yes. Would I do an amazing job... I like to think that I would... I like to think that I would. I like to think I would. He's a great character. He's such a dufus. I could do that.

It's probably a hard thing to ignore, and Fillion said that he was aware of the character. Is he campaigning to do it? No, but that doesn't mean he doesn't think that he'd kill it in the role. Booster Gold's buffoonery and attitude are right there in Fillion's wheelhouse, so if DC ever came knocking they wouldn't be disappointed.

Tom Holland may have snagged the role of Nathan Drake for the foreseeable future, but Nathan Fillion recently got to live out a fan cast dream by playing the video game character in an Uncharted fan film. With 3.1 million views on YouTube, it's fair to say that a lot of people tuned in to see the fan film and fans were no doubt happy to see Fillion in the role. While talking to ScreenRant at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend about the fan film, Nathan Fillion was asked if he was aware of how badly the internet wanted him to play Booster Gold, and his enthusiastic response will likely get many fans very excited.

For those who may not know, Booster Gold is a janitor from the future who steals a high tech battle suit and a time machine, then travels to the past to become wealthy as a superhero. He's a total screw-up, but he's helped save the world on more than one occasion -- it's just that no one knows about it! It was announced that a movie about Booster was in development by Greg Berlanti some time ago, but there's been very little news about it ever since. Unless there's an animated project, that would be the number one place for Fillion to appear as the character.

Sound off in the comments if you think Nathan Fillion would make a great Booster Gold or if you have someone else in mind for the role.

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