Super Troopers 3 Might Happen Sooner Than You Think

Super Troopers 2

It took 16 long years for the cult classic Super Troopers to get a sequel, but we finally got it earlier this year with Super Troopers 2. The process to get the sequel to the big screen was not an easy one. It took years of development, a crowdfunding campaign and a hellaciously difficult production schedule to get the film made, so you might think that the Broken Lizard troupe is in no hurry to get started on a third film in the franchise. However, Super Troopers 3 could happen sooner than you might think. The Broken Lizard troupe spoke exclusively with CinemaBlend at Comic Con, revealing that a third film won't take quite as long, saying:

Kevin Heffernan: We're looking to get the third one going. And hopefully it won't take as long as it did to get the second one going.Jay Chandrasekhar: That's right. We're writing.Heffernan: We don't want to be, like, in our 70s when we do it. We gotta get on it.

Super Troopers 2 just came out, but it sounds like the Broken Lizard troupe of Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske and Paul Soter are already thinking of ideas for a threequel. This is no doubt very exciting for fans that feared they might never get more from this franchise or that it would take another decade and a half to see it. The cast of Super Troopers 2 also seem motivated to not let a third film go unmade for years on end, acknowledging how long the second one took and that doing Super Troopers 3 in their 70s might not really work.

The other thing that is encouraging is that they aren't just intending to do a third movie in the abstract. Not only is the intent there, but as director Jay Chandrasekhar said, they are in the midst of writing it. So Super Troopers 3 is already a thing that is being thought about and is in the very early stages. Although they may just be bouncing ideas back and forth at this point, that is still the first step towards an eventual third film. Hopefully that means that this time around, we won't have to wait quite as long. You can watch the full clip of the Broken Lizard troupe talking about the possibility of Super Troopers 3 in the video below:

It's cool to hear that Broken Lizard intends on making this a trilogy and one that happens sooner rather than later. Super Troopers 2 wasn't some box office blockbuster, but it did exceed projections opening weekend on the way to a $30.6 million domestic haul. That might not sound impressive, but on a $13.5 million dollar budget, perhaps it performed well enough for us to get more highway patrol shenanigans. Super Troopers 2 didn't do especially well review-wise, but audiences seemed to like it and director Jay Chandrasekhar was proud of it. I imagine more audiences will find it on home video, which is what happened with the first film.

Personally I'm still hoping for a Beerfest 2, but if that follows the Super Troopers model of 16 years between the first film and the second, maybe we'll get Super Troopers 3 before a Beerfest sequel in 2022. Super Troopers 2 is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital, complete with fun extended and deleted scenes. For all the latest in movie news, keep it locked to CinemaBlend.

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