Taylor Swift in Netflix documentary Miss Americana

Believe it or not, it’s been almost 15 years since Taylor Swift first came onto the music scene as a bright-eyed country star singing about the tear drops on her guitar. Since then, she’s made seven deeply-personal albums and toured the world with them. Swift is a pop culture icon who has grown up in front of our eyes. Now she’s pouring her heart out on Netflix’s Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, a documentary about the musician embracing her voice in the public sphere.

Ahead of the film’s release at the end of the month, Miss Americana premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday night. The documentary from director Lana Wilson debuted to a standing ovation at the festival, and the press in attendance had some kind words to say about the Taylor Swift feature. Check out EW’s Leah Greenblatt’s words:

Taylor Swift is certainly no stranger to the spotlight, but rarely do fans get to sit with her in-between moments of her stardom. Miss Americana promises an in-depth look into Swift's life of fame and the struggles that have come with it. Here’s what POPSUGAR’s Kristen Harris thought of the Netflix movie:

Apparently Taylor Swift superfans filed outside the premiere of Miss Americana to support the pop star, but it wasn’t that type of premiere. Variety’s Ramin Setoodeh had this to say about one of Netflix’s most highly-anticipated releases of 2020:

The music industry is certainly still a “man’s world,” and Taylor Swift has been subject to scrutiny from the very beginning that her male counterparts would never have to deal with, such as the many men she’s dated, like Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal. The artist recently detailed her frustration with this in her song “The Man,” where she discussed the double standard she’s encountered.

Taylor Swift also made the decision to speak out about politics last year, after years of staying neutral to the public. Her music video for “You Need To Calm Down” showed her support for the Equality Act, and in Miss Americana, the movie will also apparently document her breaking silence. As AOL’s Gibson Johns said:

It sounds like fans will learn a ton about Taylor Swift in Miss Americana including this tidbit:

As the trailer teases, Taylor Swift actually dealt with a ton of pressure on her body image. Perhaps living most of her life without the experience of a burrito could be why? THR’s Piya Sinha-Roy gave her perspective on the doc based on years of experience covering the artist:

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana also debuted on Rotten Tomatoes with an 82% Fresh score! It sounds like this is a look into the pop star’s life that shouldn’t be missed! The movie hits Netflix and select theaters on January 31.

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