Shakira's character Gazelle in Zootopia

Shakira played pop star Gazelle in Disney's 2016 movie Zootopia, and fans recognized a very similar look for Shakira's 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance.

Yeah, unlike The Simpsons, Zootopia had an accurate prediction for Super Bowl LIV. Zootopia's "Try Everything" singer wore several looks across her Super Bowl performance, which happened to take place on her 43rd birthday. Amazing. Shakira is ageless and timeless. And you know who's a big fan? Captain Marvel herself. Brie Larson marveled over Shakira seeming to honor her Zootopia character with her Super Bowl outfit:

Apparently there was some backlash to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl halftime performance. Some people found the costumes too racy or the dancing -- including more JLo pole dancing after Hustlers -- not appropriate for any children who might be watching. To that, some fans pointed out how Shakira basically wore the same outfit as a Disney character most kids watch all the time at home:

Whether fans liked the Super Bowl halftime show's outfits or not, hopefully they appreciated Shakira's musical skills. When not dancing, she broke out her guitar and played drums during the show.


Wait, How Many Instruments Does Shakira Actually Play?

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez put hard work into that performance, but they won't be paid for it. (Not because of any viewer fan backlash, because of this.) They should get a nice boost from music sales, though, and many fans definitely reacted positively to the performance, which also featured Lopez's daughter Emme. JLo may have been "snubbed" for an Oscar but she definitely won Super Bowl Sunday for getting to sing with her girl.

Other Super Bowl wins? Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams' Frozen commercial, Bill Murray's Groundhog Day return, that surprise Wolf of Wall Street reunion for a Coke ad, Jason Momoa being Jason Momoa, and -- oh the Kansas City Chiefs. Paul Rudd is definitely happy about the Chiefs' win. Wilford Brimely is also happy to be confused with the winning Super Bowl coach.

As for Zootopia? Apparently Disney has plans for more movies. You can stream the first movie now on Disney+ and then wait and see what happens from here. Keep up with everything heading to the big screen this year with our 2020 movie release date schedule.

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