Good News! Now Pornhub Is Extending Its Free Premium Membership While People Self-Quarantine

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With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, it’s been strongly advised for people to socially distance/quarantine themselves in order to help flatten the coronavirus curve. Being stuck in one place for so long understandably means that boredom can become a bigger problem, making it all the more important to find things to keep one’s mind occupied.

Well, if you’re someone who been watching porn to help pass the time, good news! Pornhub has announced that it’s keeping its premium service membership free across the world until April 23. Unusual times call for unusual measures, and if getting more high quality porn results in more people staying at home and slowing down the spread of the coronavirus, then Pornhub is all too willing to extend its premium membership for a little longer to aid in these efforts.

Granted, this isn’t nearly as special a deal as Kumail Nanjiani receiving a free 10-year Pornhub premium subscription after pictures of his jacked self were shared on the website, but it is still enticing. And it isn’t the only porn website that’s been feeling charitable lately. Last month, CamSoda offered free porn to the people who were stranded aboard Princess Cruises ships outside of China and Hong Kong, albeit with some strings attached.

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that porn consumption has gone up ever since people started weathering out the coronavirus at home, with Pornhub reporting last week that worldwide traffic went up almost 12% over standard work days. Apparently there’s also more than 9 million searches for coronavirus-related pornography, which… okay, sure, whatever floats your boat… I guess.

Look, if we don’t find things to do while staying put, we’re going to go crazy, and if watching porn will help you keep sane, then by all means, go for it. Whatever your kink may be, Pornhub is allowing you to take in its premium content for the sum total of $0 over the next month, and in these difficult times, a deal like that is too good to pass up. Pornhub also announced that it's donating 50,000 surgical masks to New York area medics and first responders on the front lines of the coronavirus fight.

Naturally though, this Pornhub Premium deal will eventually go away, but it isn’t the only time recently that Pornhub has offered its premium service at a bargain. Last year, between November 29 and December 2, the site entered the streaming wars by announcing its “LifePlan.” For a one-time payment of $299, purchasing the LifePlan allowed one to access Pornhub Premium for life. Jumping into the premium end of this website’s proverbial pool lets you stream content in high resolution at faster speeds, among other things.

It’s also worth remembering that Pornhub has been branching out of late with its content. For instance, it released its first non-straight porn movie a little over a year ago; a documentary called Shakedown, which was still pretty adult. Actress Bella Thorne also partnered with Pornhub on the short film Him & Her.

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