Ansel Elgort Posts A Nude Photo Online For Charity, People Obviously Have Thoughts

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Because of The Inside Times, we are in a bit of a pop culture dry spell. Television is slowing down earlier than usual, movies aren't getting released into theaters, and celebrities, who are usually out and about and doing intriguing things for us to talk about, are stuck at home just like the rest of us. But! This has meant that our favorite famous folks are using social media to do some of the wild things they might otherwise do in public, or have just taken all their mysterious actor / actress behavior online for us to see. Ansel Elgort has now posted a nude photo for charity, and, yes, people do have things to say about it.

Ansel Elgort has put his, um, charitable nature on full display for us by posting an artful nude photo to his Instagram, in the hopes of getting people to donate to charity. Let's take a look at a Twitter screenshot of his original post (because he had to take it down), and then we can discuss people's thoughts in a bit. Hold on to your goldfinches, because here we go!

Well. I guess we know what's driving this baby...Charity! It's charity, you guys. Get your minds out of the gutter, OK? As you can likely imagine, such a thing would pretty much never go unnoticed, but now that we don't have the usual glut of entertainment and celebrity gossip to fuel our days and nights, people are being especially chatty on social media about Ansel Elgort's naked desire to assist in fundraising efforts. My favorite comment on his post comes from a noted purveyor of such things. Nudity, I mean; not fundraising efforts...

pornhub comment ansel elgort naked instagram post

Wooooo, boy. Someone has gotten all hot under the metaphorical collar because of Ansel Elgort's post, amirite? And, I say "metaphorical" only because the people at PornHub don't wear they? At any rate, it's pretty easy to tell that lots of fans are getting hot somewhere on their bodies because of Elgort's fashionably undressed pose, because this comment had over 3,000 likes when I screenshot it. Nice work getting folks to talk, Mr. Elgort.

In fact, some people are actually finding themselves to be pretty torn over this whole nudity-for-charity thing. But, it might still be good for the cause Elgort is trying to raise cash for...

I mean, I get it. You have an actor whose work and talent you respect and it seems a bit odd for them to do something so unabashed. Also, though? You like wet, naked people. So, naturally, it's going to lead to some conflicting feelings. For quite a few fans, though, the product of Ansel Elgort's philanthropy simply left them floored:

Some people actually have questions about the content of the photo. I, for one, was wondering where this picture was even taken, because it doesn't look like a real shower to me. Then I noted the shingling on the surrounding area, and figured that it was probably an outdoor shower near a pool or something. Others had more specific queries, which led to an entire line of questioning. Oh, my word...I'll just show you the tweets:

twitter responses ansel elgort naked instagram

I mean, I really don't get this at all. Why would there need to be tucking? Ansel Elgort's hand is placed as it is for a pretty clear reason. Do these folks just know something that I don't? This feels like a question for RuPaul. Mr. Charles, are you out there? Help a sister out so that I may dig myself out of this nudity-filled hole!

Overall, most people have pretty positive things to say, and feel like Elgort's effort to raise money is worthy of all the attention it's getting:

And, they're applauding his selfless, thirst trappy commitment to helping out during these difficult times...

If you need an excuse to further investigate Ansel Elgort's natural given talents, feel free to check out his page and the charity he's hoping to raise money for. You can see Elgort and whatever is either hiding behind his hand or artfully tucked dance their way through West Side Story, which is currently scheduled to open on December 18.

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