6 Versions Of Spider-Woman That Could Star In Olivia Wilde’s Mysterious Sony Marvel Movie

Cindy Moon, Jessica Drew and Spider-Gwen Spider-Woman
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Venom was only the beginning. 2018’s swing at adapting the Spider-Man villain without Tom Holland’s version of the webbed hero and the MCU proved to be a worldwide success, and looking ahead, the studio plans to introduce more entries into its Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (as the studio calls it). Along with 2021’s Morbius and a Kraven the Hunter movie reportedly in development from Triple Frontier’s director, it’s been announced that Booksmart director Olivia Wilde is helming an unspecified Spider-Woman movie for Sony as well.

But which Spider-Woman? Considering all the versions of the character that have existed in the comic book canon since the ‘70s, this is a complex question. As Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced to the big screen, there’s a massive multiverse of Spider-heroes the studio can choose from. Olivia Wilde’s movie, which is said to be also written by Booksmart’s Katie Silberman. could either hone her focus on a singular Spider-Woman or assemble a team of badass Spider-ladies. Let’s talk through the top contenders the first Spider-Woman movie could feature:

Jessica Drew Spider-Woman

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Jessica Drew

The first Spider-Woman to jump into the minds of many Marvel fans when Olivia Wilde’s Sony movie was announced was the original iteration of the character, Jessica Drew. Introduced in 1977, Jessica Drew becomes a superhero thanks to her scientist parents’ HYDRA-funded research that they used on her in an effort to cure her from a deadly exposure to uranium.

When Jessica grows up and becomes Spider-Woman, she develops powers more impressive than Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, including the ability to shoot off “venom blasts” with the natural bioelectric energy she produces. Her adventures have included being a Los Angeles-based bounty hunter and a San Francisco-based private investigator. This would be a classic choice, and seeing Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman in action first seems the natural pick here.

Cindy Moon, Silk, Spider-Woman

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Cindy Moon

A fairly new fan favorite Spider-Woman who could star in the Sony movie is Cindy Moon, who goes by the name Silk. Introduced in 2014, Cindy Moon is a classmate of Peter Parker’s who gets bitten by the same spider as he does on the same exact day. Cindy’s origin story differs from Peter’s because she is subsequently locked in a bunker by an influential figure named Ezekiel Sims, who approaches the Moon family to help with her newfound powers. His motivations are to keep her from Morlun, the leader of the Inheritors, who hunt down people with powers like her.

In the comics, Peter helps Cindy break out, and the Spider-heroes subsequently work together to take down the Inheritors and also briefly become romantically intertwined. Cindy Moon would be a great choice if Sony wants to involve Tom Holland, and well… she might just have the raddest Spider-Woman suit ever. A Silk movie was reportedly in the works back in 2018, but no updates have reached the web in some time.

Spider-Gwen in Marvel Comics

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Another recent Spider-Woman addition that Olivia Wilde’s Spider-Woman movie could be about is Spider-Gwen, who debuted in 2014. If you’ve seen Into the Spider-Verse, you already have some knowledge about the modern version of the hero. Spider-Gwen is from Earth-65, a different universe than where Peter Parker comes from. In the main continuity, Gwen Stacy was originally one of Peter's first love interests before being murdered at the hands of the Green Goblin, but the multiverse mix things up.

On Earth-65, Gwen gets bitten instead and a constantly bullied Peter, creates a formula that turns him into The Lizard. When Peter unleashes his power at prom, Gwen suits up, but he dies during their fight. Gwen’s story involves hiding her alter ego from her police captain dad and being in her rock band, the Mary Janes, that include MJ and Betty Brant as other members. This version of Spider-Woman is my personal favorite and could particularly fit well in the context of the Booksmart filmmakers. That said, Spider-Gwen is also being put to good use in Sony’s animated Spider-Verse and may lead her own planned film in the future as well.

Mayday Parker and Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Woman

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May “Mayday” Parker

Sony could also adapt Marvel’s Spider-Girl, Mayday Parker, for an upcoming film. May Parker, who was introduced in 1998’s What If series, is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. She develops the powers of her father at the age of fifteen after she’d been sheltered from her parents’ past for much of her life. When May was a young girl, the Green Goblin kidnaps her to reach Spider-Man. Peter saves her, but at the cost of losing his leg – so he hangs up his Spider-Man mantle.

The appeal of Mayday Parker is Spider-Girl continuing the legacy of her family. It feels as though Sony would want to involve Tom Holland in its Spider-Woman movie, and if that were the case, adapting Mayday isn’t the best way to do this. But wouldn’t it be fun if the franchise brought back Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield in the vein of what’s going on with Michael Keaton and Batman for The Flash movie?

Madame Web Spider-Man comic books

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Madame Web

Cassandra Web is one of the older versions of Spider-Woman, debuting in the comics back in 1980 and her character literally being an elder in comparison to the others being spotlighted on this list. Because of this and the expected edge of freshness the Booksmart filmmakers have pulled off prior to this project, chances are Madame Webb won’t be the main character here, but she could be introduced or a key player. Webb is a mutant whose skills include telepathy, clairvoyance and precognitive visions.

When she was younger, Webb was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, and she lives her life on a support system her husband designed that resembles a spider web. She can communicate with other Spider-heroes across the multiverse through her “Web of Fate.” A Madame Web movie is reportedly in development over at Sony, with its newest update attaching Jessica Jones’ S.J. Clarkson the project a few months ago. If Madame Web is still on track, I’d guess this character could have a part in Olivia Wilde’s film as well.

Charlotte Witter / Spider-Woman

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Charlotte Witter

Okay, I admit, this is a bit of a left-field pick to end things out with. I skipped out on some more popular Spider-Women such as Julia Carpenter, because part of her legacy is Madame Webb as well, and Kitty Pryde feels like a character Sony would not be able to touch because she’s also an X-Men character. Charlotte Witter made it because she could be a solid Spider-Woman villain for the movie.

Charlotte is transformed into a version of Spider-Woman by Doctor Octopus, who kidnaps her and performs experiments on her. She uses her powers to steal those of the other Spider-Women, including Jessica Drew. Charlotte can manifest four gigantic spider legs out of her body, sense the thoughts of other Spider-Women and feed on human flesh. So she’s a vampire and Spider-Woman supervillain in one! She could be an awesome adversary for the film’s central hero.

There are a ton of solid options here for a Spider-Woman movie, but what do you think? Which Spider-Woman should be the star of Olivia Wilde’s upcoming movie? Vote in our poll below and swing back in here on CinemaBlend for more Spider-Verse news.

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