Taika Waititi And Ryan Reynolds Have A Great Exchange Over Free Guy's Outtakes, And I Can’t Wait

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The new movie from Ryan Reynolds, Free Guy is one that certainly looks hilarious, and right now it seems quite clear we could all use a bit more hilarious in our lives. The new trailer for the film dropped recently and it seems most fans think it's quite funny. However, it appears there might be something even funnier than Free Guy out in the world that we might get to see one day. That would be the outtakes from Free Guy.

Writer/Director/Actor Taika Waititi, who has a role in Free Guy, shared the brand new trailer on Twitter recently and in doing so made a clear distinction between his performance and that of "actual actors." Hilariously, it appears that Ryan Reynolds might actually agree with that sentiment, as he responded to Waititi's tweet with a comment that implies there is a substantial volume of Taika Waititi outtakes out there, and those have to be hilarious, right?

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While Taika Waititi has mostly made his name in recent years as a writer and director, make no mistake, he's actually a really good actor no matter what he actually says. Having said that, it wouldn't be that shocking if he gets a little rusty compared to his co-stars in Free Guy simply because he doesn't do it as often. So, while it's possible Ryan Reynolds is just messing with Waittiti here, he likes to do that with people, it's also possible that this is all true and there's a movie's worth of Taika Waititi outtakes.

And since Taika Waititi is just perpetually hilarious, one has to assume that those outtakes are great. Even one of the scenes in the Free Guy trailer, which has Waititi's character making a Terminator reference, feels like it might have been an outtake that was kept in the movie. And clearly, if there is going to be an entire movie of Free Guy outtakes, Taika Waititi should direct it.

In the trailer, Taika Waititi is seen as the developer of the video game in which Ryan Reynolds in a random NPC who somehow gains a degree of autonomy and discovers that the world he lives in is entirely artificial. What follows is a sort of mix of The Truman Show and The Matrix, though with significantly more comedy than either.

Free Guy looks like a lot of fun but what's unclear at this moment is if it looks funny enough to actually get people into movie theaters. Such a thing still isn't an option in many places and many people still are not comfortable with the idea. However, Free Guy is still set for a theatrical release in December, one of the final major studio films even planning such a thing in 2020.

There could be an upside to skipping theaters. If Free Guy does end up making the jump to a video-on-demand offering, perhaps it will be released with extra features, like all these outtakes that I now absolutely need to see.

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