Spider-Man’s Tom Holland Films Sweet Video For Young Heart-Transplant Patient

Tom Holland tossing a mask over

The coolest superhero actors don’t limit their appearances and influences to the big screen – they take advantage of the exposure and the responsibility in the community, as well. Actors who have played Spider-Man over the years have gone above and beyond to connect with fans and bring the power of Spider-Man to the little guy. Tom Holland in particular has made outstanding use of his Spider-Man persona, like when he participated in this viral video to boost the morale of a heart-transplant recipient known as #SpiderJerry.

As part of an initiative for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Twitter user Jaimie Trueblood posted this video of Tom Holland passing his Spider-Man mask to Jerry, who then shows up in a replica of the Spider-Man: Far From Home Parker suit, ready to tackle his heart transplant. Watch it now:

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That’s just the best. It touches me to see an actor invested in playing a superhero continues to spread the goodwill associated with the comic-book character to the fans. Tom Holland doesn’t have to do this, at all. But the fact that he chooses to routinely appear in videos and photos capturing his visits to children’s hospitals in his Spider-Man suit helps elevate him to my favorite personification of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. It’s the legacy that Stan Lee would have wanted for his favorite character.

As mentioned, Tom Holland has done this before. Ever since he got cast as Peter Parker and appeared on screen in Captain America: Civil War, Holland has made outstanding use of the hero’s influence, using his costume (and his free time) to inspire kids who need it most. Here’s a 2019 video of Holland, Zendaya and Jake Gyllenhaal making the rounds at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles:

Want an extra bonus of Spider-Man 3 speculation? The above video could possibly give us our first look at Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the upcoming 2021 Spider-Man movie. The actor filmed this video for #SpiderJerry for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and we know that Holland recently landed in Georgia to begin filming. So is this Holland rocking his Peter Parker look for the third Spider-Man movie? And is it telling that he is in a high school, saying that “even a superhero has to take finals”? Peter should be a senior in the next movie. I hope that he is.

Spider-Man 3 is ramping up production, and seems like an exciting chapter for the MCU already. Picking up where Spider-Man: Far From Home left off, Parker will have to deal with the world knowing his secret identity, and the arrival of Jamie Foxx playing Electro. We also know that Benedict Cumberbatch will be appearing as Doctor Strange in the sequel, but will it be a quick cameo, like in Thor: Ragnarok, or a full on supporting role, like Tony Stark? The movie is set to open in theaters on December 17, 2021.

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