Wild New Deepfake Has Harrison Ford Playing Daniel Craig's Version Of Bond, James Bond

As Daniel Craig’s time playing legendary super spy James Bond draws to a close, we still don’t know who’s going to take over the role in the post No Time To Die era. What we do know is: Through the power of deepfakes, we could see pretty much anyone step into the tuxedo, saving the day for queen and country. Just ask Harrison Ford, the latest actor to find themselves transplanted into a round of dream casting as 007, through the power of computer-generated fakery.

YouTube deepfaker Matthew Anthony, better known by his channel handle StryderHD, is the artist to have generated this particular instance of mind-bending recasting. Much like other deepfakes, there’s a degree of eye-popping disbelief, as Ford’s face delivering lines like “Bond, James Bond” is absolutely crazy to behold. What’s even more off the charts is the fact that Harrison Ford’s features meld pretty damned well with those of Daniel Craig; right down to the two actors sharing a similar haircut. Take a look at the full video below, but make sure you’re sitting down before doing so:

The shock of an American playing James Bond might still feel off, and that’s understandable. Thinking back to the era where we could have had Burt Reynolds as 007, Harrison Ford definitely feels like a more sensible option. Not to mention, watching Ford’s digital self rampage through the era that spans Daniel Craig’s soon-to-be five James Bond films only makes more sense when considering his career in action movies like Air Force One and --of course-- the Indiana Jones series, has already put him into similar situations on the screen.

Recasting Harrison Ford as James Bond hits all sorts of crazy notes in the history of both his career and Daniel Craig’s as well. Obviously, the story of how Indiana Jones was created as a way for Steven Spielberg to fulfill his fantasies of making a 007 film is one of the first that comes to mind. But when you think back to how Craig and Ford actually starred together in Jon Favreau’s infamous flop Cowboys and Aliens, the cosmic coincidences feel like they’ve reached peak levels of meant to be.

While Harrison Ford looks cool as Daniel Craig’s James Bond, the world is now in need of some crucial balance. By that, I mean that someone now officially has to create a deepfake of Mr. Craig taking the role of Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. in the Indiana Jones movies. Come to think of it, how the hell haven’t we thought of giving the mantle over to Daniel Craig when Harrison Ford is finished with it?! Sorry Chris Pratt fans: while this might be a deepfake, the questions that arise from its execution are all too real.

No Time To Die will show us Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure in its currently slated release date of April 2nd. But this could change at a moment’s notice, in which case you’ll want to be tuned into CinemaBlend to learn about the latest developments as they happen. Before you leave, make sure to check out the 2021 release schedule, as pieces are already shifting on the board that is the theatrical landscape of the year.

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