Judas And The Black Messiah Streaming: How To Watch The Daniel Kaluuya Movie

Daniel Kaluuya in Judas and the Black Messiah

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After what seems like an eternity, Judas and the Black Messiah, Shaka King’s biographical drama about the events that led to the 1968 assassination of Illinois Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton by the Chicago Police Department made its theatrical and HBO Max debut on February 12, 2021. Starring Daniel Kaluuya as the radical 21-year-old Hampton and LaKeith Stanfield as William O’Neal, the petty criminal who turned FBI informant, the movie is already generating considerable buzz and earning award nominations ahead of its wide release. But where exactly can you watch Judas and the Black Messiah streaming?

Where Is Judas And The Black Messiah Streaming

Judas and the Black Messiah made its theatrical premiere on February 12, 2021. Like every other major Warner Bros. Studios release in 2021, Judas and the Black Messiah was streaming on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters and remained on the digital platform for 31 days upon its release, giving us until mid March to check out the movie that is receiving near-universal praise for its story, direction, and phenomenal cast from top to bottom. However, that 31-day window has since passed. But the movie is available to watch digitally if you're still looking to check it out. 

At present, Judas and The Black Messiah is available to rent on VOD. 

At Amazon, you can rent the movie for $19.99 for a 48-hour window

Or, if you're willing to wait, the Judas and the Black Messiah Blu-ray + digital goes on sale May 4 and is available to pre-order now. It's likely that the price to rent the movie will come down from that $19.99 VOD pricing upon its home video release.

Will Judas And The Black Messiah Be On Netflix?

Like any movie, Judas and the Black Messiah could hypothetically become available for streaming on Netflix at some point in the future, but there is a lot standing in its way. The movie is part of Warner Bros. 2021 initiative to offer its major releases simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max (and even then it’s only on the service for one month). Maybe it pops up on the streaming giant at some point in the future, but you’re probably better off watching The Trial of the Chicago 7 if want to hear some of the story but only have a Netflix account.

Once You’ve Seen Judas And The Black Messiah, Check Out The Trial Of The Chicago 7

If you have already seen Judas and the Black Messiah and want to see more movies set within 1960s Chicago, then you really need to check out The Trial of the Chicago 7. This intense courtroom drama, which centers on the group of activists charged in connection with the riots and unrest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, deals with a lot of the same feelings and messages featured throughout Shaka King’s biographical drama. The Golden Globe nominated film also features Fred Hampton (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) in a number of the courtroom scenes and takes place around the same time as his assassination.

Now that you know you how to watch Judas and the Black Messiah there is no excuse not watch the moving biographical drama that is already receiving a lot of Oscar buzz. And since you’re here, you might as well check out what other Warner Bros. movies you’ll be able to stream on HBO Max this year.

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