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Fans Compare The Russo Brothers To Tom Holland And His Brother, And The Avengers Directors Approve

The relationship between the Russo brothers and Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has been a mix of mutual respect and admiration for each other. Their close relationship has translated to multiple projects and social media posts about each other. Fans recently compared Holland and his brother to the directing duo, and the Russo brothers approved of that in a social media post.

Since Tom Holland’s introduction in the MCU, he and the Russos worked on multiple Marvel films with remarkable results. That chemistry translated to other projects such as the war drama Cherry. A fan Instagram account took notice and made a comparison between the directing duo and Holland and his brother Harry. The Russo reposted the image to their Instagram. Check out the sweet post by the Russos below:

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As evident by their post, the Russo brothers were flattered by the comparison, but flipped it. This spoke to the mutual admiration they share with Tom Holland. But the comparison may come true in a few years, as Holland and his brothers are preparing for the next phase. The oldest Holland brother has already expressed interest in doing different projects outside of big blockbusters. The Holland brothers have already tried their hand at producing projects, so they seem to do following in the footsteps of the Russos by making it a family affair.

Seeing the image of the younger Russo brothers and the Holland brothers felt surreal. It was obvious that the Russos were early in their soon-to-be prolific careers. Those two seemed ready to take on the world without knowing how far they would go in Hollywood. I’m sure at that point they just wanted a hit film or series to break them in Hollywood. Unbeknownst to them, they would surpass any of their expectations. The success of the Avenger films and television projects pushed them to become major Hollywood tastemakers.

Looking at Tom Holland and his brother gives the same vibe. Given the groundwork the oldest Holland has laid, he and his brothers are poised to make a nice impression in the coming years. With all the Hollands in entertainment, this seems like a possibility in the next decade or so. The Russos and Hollands’ connection goes beyond an Instagram post, as they have worked together on a few projects.

Much like the Hollands, the Russos have made filmmaking a family business, as evident by their time on Captain America: Civil War. They put their family as a major priority both in front and behind the camera. Seeing the Russos' throwback and the recent Holland photo put the former’s career in perspective given their success. More families in Hollywood should share the same mentality. Hopefully, the fans’ comparisons will pan out in some way with the Russo and Holland brothers working together again someday.

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