Kevin Hart's Daughter Totally Trolls Him While He's Working Out And I Can’t Get Enough

Kevin Hart has had a long , successful career as an actor-comedian. His charisma and body of work have made Hart a well-known public figure, and his generations of fans delight in seeing his personality at work IRL. Hart has a hardcore fitness regimen, and recently shared a video working out while his daughter makes fun of him… and I can’t get enough.

While primarily known for his work as an actor, Kevin Hart is also notably a father of four. Hart has been open about what it’s like being a dad, sometimes incorporating stories into his comedy sets. He once again offered a glimpse into his home life with a funny video of his home workout. Check it out below.

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That is some wholesome content right there. Because while Kevin Hart continues to stay in great shape, it doesn’t come without some mocking from his family. What is home, if not a place to poke fun at your loved ones?

The above video comes to us from Kevin Hart’s personal Instagram account. The 41 year-old actor is extremely active on social media and has an insane 107 million followers on the Gram. He often shares videos working out, but the above clip was notable for featuring his daughter. Because who doesn’t like to cut their parents down to size… especially if they happen to be a household name.

While many of us have gotten a bit out of shape after being in isolation for the past year, Kevin Hart has been staying movie-ready thanks to having extensive exercise equipment in his home. And while he’s sometimes mocked by his family, you can’t deny that Hart has managed to avoid gaining the quarantine 15.

Considering the terrifying car accident Kevin Hart had back in 2019, the actor-comedian is no doubt thrilled that he’s able to perform such strenuous activities. His health scare was presumably scary for his family, as well as his countless fans out there. Luckily Hart was able to recover, and has been able to get into peak physical condition as he moves forward. Now we just have to wait for Hart to get a role in a comic book cinematic universe, which would no doubt inspire him to get even more swoll for the big screen.

As Kevin Hart’s career as an actor has progressed, he’s managed to remain extremely busy through various film and TV projects. The Jumanji franchise has been massively successful, and is showing no signs of slowing down. What’s more, he was recently cast in the Borderlands movie, adapting the beloved video game for the big screen. He’ll be appearing in that highly anticipated project alongside other notable names like Jamie Lee Curtis, Cate Blanchett, and his Jumanji co-star Jack Black.

Kevin Hart’s next project is the movie Fatherhood which is currently set to arrive June 18th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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