Why Hugh Jackman Was 'Literally Yelling' At His TV During The Oscars

Hugh Jackman pulls a face of surprise with a drink cup in his hand in Bad Education.

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Everyone has those times where they’re yelling at the TV while watching an event as big as the Oscars. Some probably even shouted at their televisions during this past Sunday’s telecast, as the evening ended on one of the greatest upsets in the history of the show. But for former Oscar host/great showman Hugh Jackman, he yelled at his TV set for a more heartwarming reason: he agreed with Tyler Perry’s speech about “meeting in the middle” when it comes to those experiencing homelessness, or when interacting with someone different than yourself.

Presented with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at this year’s 93rd Academy Awards, Tyler Perry called for people to “refuse hate” and “meet in the middle” to affect social change. It was a timely message, fitting for the acceptance of the award that recognizes talent that reaches outside of the industry to help those in need. Familiar with that sort of ethical call, Hugh Jackman was moved, and in a video shared on his Instagram, he echoed Perry’s very call himself:

There were so many great moments at the Oscars last night. That one in particular really touched me. Because when Tyler speaks of stepping into the middle I was literally yelling at the TV, 'I'll meet you in the middle, Tyler!' And I’m telling you now on social. Thank you for your inspiration, thank you for all you do, thank you for your leadership.

Hugh Jackman has done quite a lot for charity himself, especially through his company, Laughing Man Coffee, and its focus on giving back to the coffee farmers of the world. His heart seemingly always in the right place, the X-Men alum has even used his comedic rivalry with Ryan Reynolds to shine a light on other charitable causes. So naturally, Jackman’s philanthropic mindset is attracted to Tyler Perry’s big speech at the Oscars.

Using that an awards show, especially the Oscars, to discuss socially relevant causes is pretty much standard practice. Tyler Perry knows this, and so does the rest of the world; but that didn’t stop the man from delivering a powerful statement towards why he’s so motivated to support those who need it. You can see that in the speech itself, taken from Sunday’s telecast, shown below:

No matter what anyone may think of Tyler Perry’s work, his personal spirit of giving is an undeniable facet of his personality. To see that resonate with Hugh Jackman’s own generous spirit is something that is truly inspiring. Here’s hoping that the message of “meeting in the middle” spreads far and wide, through other celebrities with hearts equally as open as theirs.

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