The Batman Fan Art Imagines Zoë Kravitz In Full Catwoman Regalia

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It’s no secret that comic book movies are everywhere. But certain heroes stand out as fan favorites, and DC’s Batman is one of the most popular of all time. Moviegoers are eager to see what director Matt Reeves will bring to the Dark Knight in The Batman, which stars Robert Pattinson as the title character. The stellar cast also features Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and some awesome fan art imagines her in a full Catwoman suit.

The limited footage of The Batman that is currently available, it’s clear that Matt Reeves’ vision is a stripped down version of Gotham City. Fans are eager to see the iconic villains Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman rise throughout its runtime-- hopefully getting awesome costumes in the process. Now we can see what Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman might look like, check it out below.

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I mean, how cool is that? While it’s unclear if we’ll actually get a full Catwoman costume in The Batman, fans are holding out hope to see Zoë Kravitz suit up. And rather than a flashy outfit, the above design could match up with the ultra-realistic design that we’ve seen in the movie’s limited footage.

The above image of Zoë Kravitz comes to us from the Instagram of artist Evan Pennock. They’ve got an impressive 27k followers at the time of writing, thanks to the stunning fan art he’s created featuring comic book characters. And as we wait for a full trailer for The Batman and any indication of the super villains’ appearances, this offers one distinct possibility for Kravitz’ mysterious look.

After The Batman is released, Matt Reeves will work on a prequel series on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

While Zoë Kravitz was featured in the brief teaser for The Batman that arrived last summer, we didn’t get to see her in a traditional Catwoman uniform. Instead we met the character as a traditional burglar, who was seemingly caught by Bruce Wayne. Rather than wearing a leather suit or tactical armor, the character rocks street clothes and a ski mask to hide her identity.

Much of The Batman remains a mystery, but it’s exciting to see yet another version of Bruce Wayne hitting the big screen. Matt Reeves is focusing on a less experienced version of Gotham’s Protector, played by Robert Pattinson. We’ll also presumably see him face villains for the first time, while watching the origin of those rogues play out.

The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on March 4th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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