Meadow Walker Is All Grown Up And Showing Off Her Ring After Getting Engaged To Louis Thornton-Allan

Since the death of Paul Walker, the world has been watching and checking in on Meadow Walker as if she was their child. That’s even more so with the father’s Fast and Furious castmates. So every moment Walker shares become a huge deal. That’s the case with her recent engagement to actor Louis Thornton-Allan. Now, an all-grown-up Walker decided to show off her new engagement ring.

The late Paul Walker’s daughter took to Instagram to showcase her stunning sparkler. Meadow Walker didn’t say much, but she did post some heart emojis in the captions. Check out Walker playing coy with her followers in the video clip below:

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Seeing Meadow Walker giggling as she showed off her engagement ring was just a reminder of how grown she is now. Looking at the video, it just seemed like an ordinary day for the model as she stared into the camera before swimming off casually. At the same time, Walker wanted to share her happiness with the world. It was nice of her to share such a momentous, life-changing time as an adult.

Getting engaged at 22 showed just how much Meadow Walker has grown since Paul Walker died nearly a decade ago. Given how private she is, she might keep the nuptials under wraps with her followers and outlets finding out after the fact.

But Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan may have come as a surprise to her followers. The couple just went public with their relationship in early July, according to People. Thornton-Allan shared a photo of the couple cuddling on a couch on Instagram. Walker shared the actor’s face on her Instagram in a loving post. So their engagement may seem a little fast for some, but when you know, you know.

Given how close she is to the Fast and Furious franchise, Meadow Walker will hopefully send those wedding invites in the mail. You know Vin Diesel will be at the top of the list since he's Walker’s godfather. She shared a throwback photo with Diesel from her youth on Instagram. Even his kids might get invited to the ceremony. Hopefully she’ll be able to pay tribute to her father Paul Walker in some way.

Incorporating her father into her marriage won’t be a problem considering her dedication to his legacy. Many of Paul Walker’s cast have cited Meadow Walker as the reason for the franchise keeping Brian alive in the films. If Vin Diesel had his way, Walker may be a part of the final two Fast and Furious films. Hopefully, she might pop up in the female-led spinoff.

While the world waits to be Meadow Walker walk do the aisle, followers might want to support her Fast and Furious family in the meantime. F9 is currently in theaters and on VOD.

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