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Jason Momoa’s Kids Are Luckiest Alive As Actor Talks Hanging On Aquaman 2 Set, Wonder Woman’s Tiara And More

Arthur Curry assuming his role as Atlantis' true king after obtaining the trident in Aquaman

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Jason Momoa’s involvement in the DCEU has become more integral as the universe has pivoted in many ways. Many moviegoers have loved seeing Momoa’s grisly and funny take on Aquaman. But DC fans aren’t his biggest fans as those slots are reserved for his children. With that in mind, his children get to experience most of their father’s career milestones while visiting the set. Of course, the Dune star spilled what it's like hanging out with his kids on the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom set and other DCEU projects.

Becoming part of the DCEU was the best thing to happen to Jason Momoa’s offspring. According to Momoa, they got to have “bring your child to work day” every day. His children seemed to take full advantage of being on film or television sets. The Aquaman star told Australia’s Fitzy and Wippa about the perks of being his children:

I’m gonna go with the safe bet and say my kids [are my biggest fans]. They back me man, they love it. I’m waiting for the day they won’t, like please still like it. They’re happy, they know I’m on Aquaman 2 now. They get to be on the set and learn stuff. So, we got some cool little surprises, and they just love it. All the people that we’re with is who they’re raised with. They got to be there on Justice League. Wolfie’s wearing the cowl and she’s wearing the tiara from Wonder Woman. The kids are really happy, they got to see Dune too, they got to see Sweet Girl. They got to see a lot of stuff that Poppa’s been doing.

Jason Momoa speaking about his children’s on-set experiences made being his child sound amazing. Given his status in Hollywood, Momoa could shield his kids from his work, but he decided to let them embrace this ride. Playing with Batman’s cowl and Wonder Women’s tiara is a privilege only a few will experience. It’s nice to know that the actor’s children love his work as much as he does. As the actor pointed out, they love being on set for all his projects. Those fun experiences don’t necessarily translate to his early work.

DC fans can re-watch Jason Momoa's time as Aquaman (so far) on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Despite his kids’ adoration, there are some limitations to what Jason Momoa will allow them to watch. The Aquaman star talked about forbidding his offspring from seeing some of this early work, especially his breakthrough role in Baywatch: Hawaii. Momoa took things a step further by saying they don’t speak about his time on the iconic series. While he's proud of Game of Thrones and Conan, he deemed them inappropriate for them right now. But Momoa seemed more open to letting them see the latter two projects once they’re older with the exception of Baywatch.

Fortunately, that doesn’t extend to Jason Momoa’s current work. Of course, his biggest fans can see what came of those on-set experiences when See Season 2 premieres on Apple TV+ on Aug. 27. They along with moviegoers will have to wait until Dec. 16, 2022 for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to arrive in theaters.

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