Harry Potter's Tom Felton Shares Update About His Health After Collapsing During Golf Match

Many Harry Potter fans had cause for worry on Thursday when it was reported that one of the beloved stars of the franchise, Tom Felton had collapsed to the ground while taking part in a celebrity golf match in Wisconsin. Once the 34-year-old actor fell, he was swiftly taken away from the course to receive medical attention. No updates were sent out the following day but, on Saturday morning, the actor finally broke his silence about his health.

Tom Felton took to Instagram to thank fans and friends for sharing their thoughts and well wishes after the incident. He shared that he is “on the road to recovery” before he began strumming a happy tune on his guitar. The Harry Potter actor said this:

Yeah, a bit of a scary episode, really, but [I’m] on the mend. People have been taking really good care of me. Thank you very much to anyone who has sent messages of ‘get well soon’ because I am on the mend, officially.

The actor did not go into detail about what happened or what he’s specifically on the “mend” from. But, more importantly, it looks like Tom Felton is doing OK and getting the medical attention he needs. Check out the hopeful video he shared two days after the golf course incident:

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His key message was for people not to worry about him, because he’s “feeling better by the day.” He also showed some love for the Ryder Cup, which is the golf competition he was involved in when he reportedly seized and fell to the ground on Thursday. When the incident happened, Felton was pictured being helped up and carried to a cart, where he was driven away on a stretcher while conscious. Two days later, it’s great news to see Felton well and singing again!

Tom Felton turned 34 just one day before the incident, sharing with fans his excitement for the next 33 years of his life. The actor, of course, got his start over in Hogwarts after auditioning for the Harry Potter films at the age of 12. He wrapped up the Draco Malfoy chapter of his life when he was 23 and the final film, Deathly Hallows Part 2, hit theaters back in 2011.

In the decade since playing the Slytherin, Felton has continued to act in movies including Rise of the Planet of the Apes and notably played a fan-favorite role in The Flash series from 2016 to 2017. Coming up, the actor will star in a movie with Twilight’s Ashley Greene called Some Other Woman and a movie with Val Kilmer called Canyon Del Muerto.

For Harry Potter fans, you can catch Tom Felton in all eight films, which are moving back to Peacock from HBO Max on October 15. It's great to see Felton give a positive update after a concerning fall on Thursday. Here’s to a continued speedy recovery for the actor!

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