The Many Saints Of Newark Streaming: When And Where You’ll Be Able To Watch The Sopranos Prequel Movie

Michael Gandolfini in The Many Saints of Newark

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Throughout its landmark run on HBO, The Sopranos offered viewers brief glimpses at the early days of Tony Soprano and his family’s criminal enterprise through a series of flashbacks. Nearly a decade and a half later, David Chase is back with The Many Saints of Newark, which is directed by Alan Taylor and will go back to where it all started for the son of a crime boss who would go on to become one of the most memorable characters in the history of television.

If you want to continue that tradition of watching Tony Soprano on your television and not venture out a movie theater, you’re in luck because you can watch The Many Saints of Newark streaming and here’s how…

When And Where To Watch The Many Saints Of Newark Streaming

Starting Friday, October 1 (the same day it opens in theaters), you will be able to watch The Many Saints of Newark streaming on HBO Max just like the dozen or so other Warner Bros. movies that have been released so far in 2021. As soon as The Sopranos prequel movie goes live on the streaming service, you will have 31 days to check it out and see how things got started for a young Anthony “Tony” Soprano (portrayed by James Gandolfini’s son, Michael) and company in late-1960s Newark, New Jersey.

Like the rest of the Warner Bros. same-day release slate of movies, The Many Saints of Newark is only available for HBO Max subscribers with the ad-free model. Those who currently have the cheaper, ad-supported model will have to wait until the movie returns at a later date down the road to give it a spin.

Watch The Many Saints of Newark trailer on HBO Max. If you have not yet become an HBO Max subscriber, you can sign up here.

When Will The Many Saints Of Newark Be On HBO Max For Good

If you miss The Many Saints of Newark during its first run on HBO Max for one reason or another, you will eventually have a chance to watch it, but plan on waiting a few months. The Warner Bros. movies that have had a day-and-date release throughout the early part of 2021 have each returned to HBO Max around five months following their initial release. That being said, if the movie follows a similar pattern, expect to see the adventures of young Tony Soprano (for everyone this time) at some point in or around February 2022.

How To Get All Caught Up On The Sopranos Before Starting The Many Saints Of Newark

Going back and watching all six seasons of The Sopranos isn’t imperative to enjoy The Many Saints of Newark, but going back and re-watching some of your favorite moments or to remember some of the major players isn’t the worst idea. And with the entire series is available on HBO Max, it’s never been easier to get all caught up to speed on Tony Soprano and company.

Stream The Sopranos on HBO Max.

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Now that you know when and where to watch The Many Saints of Newark streaming (as well as The Sopranos), all that there is left to do is fry up a batch of onion rings, sit down with the family, and press play.

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