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Welcome to the 29th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Well folks, there are just a few days left in 2017 and it's been a banner year for those who love streaming entertainment. Original shows, specials and movies made just for streaming services are at an all time high, and since the year is almost over, we had to give our thoughts on the best in streaming for 2017! This week, you can join Mick, Adrienne and their guest, CinemaBlend TV Editor Nick Venable, as they go over their picks for the best in streaming this year, and reveal what CinemaBlend staffers thought was the top in streaming.

Between Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, viewers had a lot to choose from this year. Shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, Shut Eye and Red Oaks dropped new seasons in 2017, while others like Iron Fist, The Punisher, Runaways and Jean-Claude Van Johnson debuted. And, not to be outdone by movie theaters, Netflix also had several films debut on the service, along with an impressive number of comedy specials to keep you laughing through the new year. Our picks will be sure to keep you guessing! Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

1:56 - News! (Netflix Subscribers Match Cable, SNF Streaming in 2018)

8:38 - The Weekly Queue

15:49 - Best of Streaming 2017!

17:36 - Best Show to Binge

21:49 - Best New Season

23:42 - Biggest Disappointment

27:37 - Best Character

32:29 - Best Stand-up Comedy Special

37:23 - Best Superhero Show

40:32 - Best New Series

44:57 - Best Original Film

46:17 - Best Streaming Service of 2017

Now, get in on the fun and have a listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast #29! Join us next time when we talk what's coming to Netflix in January! And, be sure to subscribe to The Cord Cutter podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter through @CordCutterPod!

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