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Adrienne was absent for the 49th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast, but Mick and Jeff found a way to power through and break down all the newness hitting Netflix this July. As usual the streaming service has a lot of old classics and new hotness on the way in the upcoming month, and this one, in particular, is going to be a month that film buffs should enjoy. As for the original offerings, the service didn't disappoint either as some promising new comedies emerge as well as one of those competitive cooking shows Jeff loves so much.

Films aren't the only things that will be familiar on this month's list, as one of Netflix's most beloved originals premieres a new season sometime this July. Jeff and Mick talk about that, Chris Pratt "blowing up," and Mick unintentionally insults Jeff by assuming he is someone who enjoys anime. Feelings may or may not have been bruised during this episode, but both men set their emotions aside to deliver a clear, concise, and comedic breakdown of the best Netflix has to offer in the most patriotic month of the year.

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