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Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #53! Fall is in full swing and November is right around the corner. Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are here to let you in on all the awesome movies and TV shows you can binge while sipping your hot apple cider! Netflix is, almost undeniably, at the top of the streaming food chain, and, as such, you can expect this November to bring a lot of amazing new content to site. There will be plenty of Netflix Originals coming over the next 30 days, plus movies classic and new, television shows of all stripes and reality programming you might not be able to ignore. For you, today, we'll go over the big name releases you can expect to see plus our honorary mentions for that title, the most anticipated Netflix Originals and then, because no new month on the streamer is complete without some beloved properties disappearing, tell you what things will say goodbye in November.

The month has some wonderful treats in store for your Netflix queue. You'll now have access to a sci-fi classic, a major superhero title, a film that launched the careers of two of today's biggest stars and a movie that continued the dominance of a character many of us loved from the first time we saw him. November's originals, meanwhile, include the final season of a long-running drama, a made for Netflix movie that's gotten some rather unexpected attention, a major baking competition, and a movie from two big name filmmakers. So, if you want the full list, be sure to check that out right here. Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

2:04 - Big Name Releases
28:27 - Honorable Mentions
30:50 - Originals
52:08 - What's Leaving

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