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Hot of the heels of his most recent brawl, Chris Brown has decided and/ or been advised to check into rehab to deal with his temper. Not a whole lot of details are known about the specifics, but all involved seem to agree he was dropped off last night somewhere in Malibu and will officially seek help for anger management.

Over the past several years, Brown has gotten into more than his share of heated confrontations. The most notable, of course, happened when he hit his girlfriend Rihanna, leading to an arrest and the general public turning on him. Beyond that, however, there has been a dustup with Frank Ocean over a parking spot, a full-on, bottle-throwing brawl with Drake over their shared history with Rihanna and numerous smaller arguments involving car accidents, refusals to take down a mural and more. Over the weekend, he found himself in yet another altercation with a stranger, this time in Washington DC, and that’s when the decision was made to choose rehab.

It’s an extremely noble choice, one that should pay great dividends down the road, but in the short-term that could be an ulterior motive in play. Because of the most recent brouhaha and his colorful history of disagreements, there’s a very good chance Brown will be hit with a probation violation. If convicted of that, he could face up to four years in prison. Consequently, when all involved go in front of a judge (he’s already met with a probation official, as per TMZ), it’s going to look very good for Brown that he’s taking steps to correct his behavior. Besides, experts always say people with issues need to get to rehab, regardless of what their pretense might be.

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