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Earlier in April, actor Tyrese Gibson shared some controversial criticism about women. The interview was intended to be a promotional opportunity for The Fate of the Furious, but it turned out to be a growth opportunity for Gibson, instead. The 38-year-old star garnered so much negative press from his statements about women that he decided to issue a formal apology via social media. Included in Tyrese Gibson's lengthy apology were some words of wisdom from his mother, including,

My mother taught me better than this..... lesson learned in life you will learn that It's not always 'what' you say, it's the 'how' we choose to say it. For the record I'm far from a misogynist, a male chauvinist or flat out mean..... My intentions were there but my delivery fucking horrible.... And clearly all the way off.... And for that I sincerely apologize to all of the ladies...

The words of remorse were part of a longer caption that also featured an image of Tyrese Gibson looking subdued, which he posted on his personal Instagram account. The post received a mixed-to-positive response from Gibson's followers. However, it sounds like at least one woman behind the scenes in Gibson's life, his new wife Samantha Lee Gibson (an accomplished social worker), was not happy with him at all after seeing the interview. In fact, Tyrese Gibson indicated in his apology that his wife was giving him the side eye for what he said. Perhaps she contributed to his realization that an apology was in order.

Tyrese gibson in the fate of the furious

What exactly got Tyrese Gibson in trouble? Well, in the original BET interview, Gibson talked about the film and tried to infuse words of inspiration for his female fans. He announced his appreciation for those female fans, and he told them not to settle. That all seemed fine, but then Gibson added some strange and unnecessary commentary about "sluts, skeezers, hoes, tramps, and overly aggressive promiscuous women" who "are never without a man because they don't have no standards." So, it was probably a good idea for Gibson to issue some form of apology. In fact, the lengthy caption closed with Gibson directly addressing women, apologizing for the gaffe, and explaining some of what he learned from it, saying:

I want to truly say that I'm sorry, I'm not APOLOGIZING in an effort to be politically correct, I apologize as a man first for the things that I've recently said about choices women have the right to make, for the terms that I've used and the way I've come across. I was raised to think and feel certain ways, and I'm learning new things that combat those messages. I am not perfect or all knowing, nor am I the one to claim to be. I've learned things through experience which I share, and through these last couple of weeks, I've learned a lot through this well deserved internet dragging......

Whether it was "what" Tyrese Gibson said, "how" he said it, or both, it appears that he did see some growth and gain new insight from the experience. If the goal in life is continual growth, not perfection, then it seems like he is on the right path to turn this negative experience into a positive one.

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