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Rob Kardashian Instagram Deleted After Accusing Blac Chyna Of Cheating And Posting Graphic Pictures

Rob Kardashian NY hat black shirt chain on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Rob Kardashian is having a terrible week. The 30-year-old reality television personality took to social media earlier this week to post a rant about Blac Chyna, the mother of his child. Kardashian made several harsh accusations about Blac Chyna and said she cheated on him, used him for his money and name, and abused drugs. Then he reportedly took matters further by posting and then deleting graphic pictures of her private parts, images she had sent to him earlier. By posting the images online, Kardashian sparked a heated debate about "revenge porn" and ultimately had his Instagram profile shut down.

After losing access to his Instagram account, Rob Kardashian decided to hop over to Twitter to explain the situation there instead. According to Kardashian, Blac Chyna caused him to flip his lid when she sent him videos of herself making out with a different man in the bed she and Kardashian used to share. Kardashian, who did not learn his lesson from losing his Instagram, continued adding fuel to the fire by posting the kissing video. Then he released a series of tweets and said,

But yes when ur girl leaves u after u spent 100K on her body to get done and then leaves u after have a baby girl who is only a few months. Just sad. Loved Chyna as my wife and accepted all the wrong she did and continued to ride for her and remain Loyal to her. Never did I cheat. But she couldn't remain loyal and cheated and fucked way too many people and she got caught and now this is all happening and it's sad. We had a beautiful baby girl that was the best thing that's happened to me and soon as that baby was born Chyna was out. Soon as Kylie and Tyga broke up Chyna was over the game. She had a baby out of spite and I'll never view her the same.

Everyone loses no matter who is telling the truth in this situation. It is a shame these antics are happening when a baby is involved. Still, Rob Kardashian must feel devastated. He even tweeted,

I truly thought Chyna wanted to be a family and that's why I was so loyal to her but I learned my lesson and everyone else was right.

On the other hand, Blac Chyna went on Snapchat and claimed that Rob Kardashian beat her up when they were still together. So, it comes down to a classic case of he said she said. But, lest we forget, Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke up months ago, so it seems they are having a hard time putting the drama of the past behind them. Hopefully, the former couple can work out a plan for the future. Also, it sounds like both of them could benefit from some time away from social media.