Jason Aldean's Wife Has Shared Her Feelings After The Las Vegas Shooting

Brittany Aldean and Jason Aldean in a Q&A on Youtube

Country music singer Jason Aldean was among the acts at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas when a gunman fired bullets into the crowd, killed 59 individuals and wounded more than 500 people. Now Jason Aldean's pregnant second wife, Brittany Kerr Aldean, has shared a statement about the life-changing experience. She included words of gratitude and grief, first thanking the people who saved lives and then revealing her sorrow. Kerr Aldean wrote,

It's been hard to process what happened the other night ... still feel like I'm in a daze. First and foremost, thank you to the first responders. It amazed me at the time and still continues to [amaze me]---these people completely put everyone else's lives before theirs and we are all forever grateful.

Brittany Kerr Aldean was at the festival, but she and Jason Aldean were not together during the shooting. She was with a group of friends, and they were forced to drop behind equipment on the stage for protection. However, her "first instinct was to run to" her husband, and Jason Aldean later told her he had wanted to do the same thing. But the pair hid in separate locations to take cover during the chaos.

In hiding, Brittany Kerr Aldean feared not only for herself and her husband but also for her unborn child. The 29-year-old former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader and American Idol contestant told her Instagram followers,

As we laid behind equipment onstage with some of our road family, bullets flying past ... all I could think was, 'I never even got to hold my baby.'

Brittany Kerr Aldean expressed her love to people as she ran for cover, not knowing if she would ever see anyone again. She waited in confusion and shock, fearing there were multiple shooters. Kerr Aldean added,

We were the lucky ones. I can't put into words the pain and heartache we feel for the ones who are no longer with us.

Previously, Brittany Kerr Aldean shared a "Pray for Vegas" meme with her social media followers but kept the caption brief. Her husband, on the other hand, spoke out in detail within a few days. In a social media post, Jason Aldean expressed feeling extreme emotions---fear, anger, heartache, and compassion---and declared he could not "understand why a person would want to take the life of another." He urged people to end hate, and he wrote,

My heart aches for the Victims and their families of this Senseless act. I am so sorry for the hurt and pain everyone is feeling right now and there are no words i can say to to take that pain away. Just know u all are in my heart and my prayers as we all go through this together. Time to come together and stop the hate!

The Aldeans had just celebrated a baby shower before the weekend fell into disaster. Thankfully, they safely escaped the shooting. Jason Aldean canceled the three shows following the event out of respect for the victims. Hopefully, being with his wife will help them both heal from the trauma.