That Time Mila Kunis' UPS Driver Saw Her Topless

mila kunis sports bra in bad moms

There's a lot that you can say about new moms. You can toss out adjectives, like calm or brave or strong, but one of my personal favorite components of new moms is that they often DGAF. Which is exactly what happened to Mila Kunis about a year ago when she had just birthed her son Dimitri. She recently explained how her UPS guy walked up and spotted her topless through the window while she was chilling with her baby. Per Kunis,

My UPS guy is really sweet, and I've had him for years, and he always kinda drops off the package, but you can see him through the glass window. At one point, I was just shirtless, because I was hot. I was just like with my baby, and I was super three days postpartum, so I was still like pregnant. I was just liking hanging out, didn't even think about it, naked skin-to-skin with my baby. And he just puts the package down and looks up. And I was like [waving], I didn't even care.

It can be tough being a new mom. Even though the baby has popped out of your body, you are still dealing with the weight you gained during pregnancy and not totally feeling like yourself. As Mila Kunis said in her interview with People, she was darn hot, and when you are hot and breastfeeding, going shirtless can seem like a good option. Unfortunately, her timing was not so spot-on, and her UPS guy caught an eyeful of her upper half.

She says she's not embarrassed about what happened, but her UPS guy obviously was.

He felt so guilty about it and so bad. I was just like, 'Don't worry about it!' I guess it could have been an embarrassing moment but I was like, in bliss. I was like, 'My baby!'

Women often encounter other women in various stages of undress while dealing with breastfeeding babies, and it's usually not a big deal. But for a guy who's not used to being around boobs randomly, it's probably really awkward to see them on the job. I'm assuming that seeing a celebrity topless with her baby is probably even more uncomfortable, just because Mila Kunis is so famous and could so easily have responded in a different way to the situation. Although I'm sure UPS guys inadvertently see weird stuff on the job every day.

Regardless of how the UPS dude was feeling, Mila Kunis doesn't seem bent out of shape regarding what happened, and now it's just a funny story she's telling while out and about promoting her new movie A Bad Moms Christmas. You can catch the sequel to Bad Moms in theaters, now.

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