Why Kylie Jenner’s Fans Think She Might Be Having A Girl

Kylie Jenner Life of Kylie ripped white shirt

Rumor has it that the decorations Kylie Jenner put onto Christmas tree might have been about more than just style. The color scheme might also have been a hint about the sex of her unborn child. Jenner recently uploaded a social media photo of the 20-foot Christmas tree in her living room, and showed off the gorgeous pink trimmings. Many social media followers of the 20-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians heiress said the pink ornaments were proof of past stories that she is expecting a baby girl from her pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott's child.

Kylie Jenner has yet to confirm whether she is pregnant. She has kept a low public profile over the past several months, and she changed her approach toward social media over the summer. Specifically, Jenner started uploading more throwback photos than recent pictures. Many of her fans and followers on social media even commented that they had tried in vain to see her in the reflections of the Christmas tree ornaments. However, Jenner has been keeping herself (and her supposed baby bump) out of pictures, like the recent tree snapshot that you can see here:

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Still, amid the many "LB" (like back) comments on the Instagram picture, some people were wondering if the pink color implied the baby would be a girl. For example, there were comments like "Pink décor cause she's havin a giiiirrrrrl." (But, like, what if she just digs pink?)

The fact remains we still can't be 100% sure about the pregnancy. Still, there are tons of hints about that matter. For example, Kylie Jenner recently sent her Life of Kylie colleague, Jordyn Woods, in her place to accept the Beauty Icon Award from Women's Wear Daily. Jenner received the award in part for the success of her business venture, Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner no doubt sent Woods in her place because she is trying to avoid the paparazzi and press. There are even rumors Jenner wants to take several months away from the spotlight to focus on this new chapter of her life.

While Kylie Jenner has not yet confirmed the pregnancy, most entertainment news outlets agree that if she is pregnant, she is keeping it under wraps until she can reveal it on KUWTK. Plus, there still are news reports trickling out of the Kardashian-Jenner camp. For example, after Kim Kardashian threw her recent baby shower with a cherry blossom theme, reports said Jenner threw her own baby shower with a pajama party theme days later.

Additionally, we know Kylie Jenner looks up to Kim Kardashian, and Jenner possibly borrowed the idea for the pajama-party baby shower from Kardashian, who threw that style of party for one of her past baby showers. Kardashian recently had people asking if the pink cherry blossoms theme was an indication that she and Kanye West are going to have a girl, so maybe Jenner wanted to get people talking with her own attention-grabbing pink moment.

Still, we cannot know for sure. But if Kylie Jenner is pregnant, then we'll find out soon enough. The ornaments might merely reflect Jenner's style rather than the sex of her unborn child. In my opinion, the color is more dusty rose than pure pink, so as much as the tree could be an indication of the sex of Jenner's kid, it could just as easily be an indication of her love for 1980s interior decorating trends or The Golden Girls. We'll see!