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Fixer Upper’s Joanna And Chip Gaines Announce Pregnancy With Hilarious Photo

TV production is an interesting game. Shows are constantly renewed and cancelled, and most avid television viewers seem to understand the ebb and flow of the business. But when HGTV stars Chip and Joanne Gaines announced months ago that they'll be stepping away from their massively popular series Fixer Upper, the internet basically exploded. The charming couple's many fans were gobsmacked that their favorite show would be leaving the air so soon, and the Gaines family has listed a litany of reasons why they've decided to call it quits. And a new revelation may make it even more clear: the couple is expecting their fifth child. They made the announcement with a typically hilarious Instagram post, check it out below.

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Yup, that's the Gaines family we all know and love. Let's break down all the adorableness and hilarity from this recent post.

This image, from Chip Gaines' personal Instagram, shows his wife Joanna sporting an already impressive baby bump. This is Joanna's fifth pregnancy, so she's no doubt an expert, and has it all down at this point. Anyone who watches Fixer Upper knows Joanna is usually the big picture person during the couple's various projects, while Chip is usually the more goofy and fun loving partner.

That silly side of the Gaines' relationship is what made audiences fall so head over heels with the contractors. Their sense of humor can be seen in the above image, which features Chip sticking out his food baby to compete with Joanna's baby bump. They reversed their roles a bit, with Joanna holding onto his stomach and looking lovingly at it. Too bad the only thing in there is whatever Chip had for lunch that day.

Chip Gaines is really hamming it up on social media, following the announcement of Joanna's latest pregnancy. For all the hardcore fans, he recently revealed a bit more about how Gaines baby #5 came to be. Namely, it was a concert by folk duo Johnnyswim. It all was just too romantic, resulting in Chip and Joanne allegedly making whoopie, and another child. He revealed:

You might recall a few months back.. the ever amazing, ever romantic Johnnyswim was in Waco. And they put on a little too romantic of a concert.. anyways, one thing led to another, & we are officially pregnant. And I could not be more EXCITED!

Not to be left out, Joanna Gaines did share some of the emotional and exciting news on her social media channels as well. She even showed her baby's sonogram, which is enough to make even the coldest Fixer Upper fan misty eyed.

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Now that is sweet.

While Chip and Joanna Gaines' many fans are still bummed about Fixer Upper ending, at least they can be happy for all of the exciting news coming up for the two hosts.

You can catch episodes of Fixer Upper on HGTV and its streaming service.

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