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A common phrase we all grow up knowing is "think before you speak." But given the new age of social media and smart phones, perhaps it needs to be adjusted to something along the lines of "think before you tweet." This was a message lost on actress Bella Thorne recently, resulting in a social media feud with none other than Rob Lowe. The Shake it Up and The Babysitter actress recently tweeted out her annoyance with traffic in California's route 101.

But 101's traffic is due to the massive mudslides currently happening in California, which have already killed 17 people. As such, Thorne was met with massive backlash on social media, and this includes a special message by Rob Lowe.

It looks like Rob Lowe has taken issue with Bella Thorne's recent tweet, and took to Instagram to share his message to young star. Given the seriousness of the mudslides, and the many who are still missing or trapped, Lowe felt that he needed to step in and admonish Thorne's tweet.

Bella Thorne's tweet about traffic on the 101 seemed to really piss off both Rob Lowe and many of her followers. She appeared to come from a place of privilege in that moment, apparently being more concerned about missing her boyfriend's show than the lives in danger due to the terrifying mudslides. It's this attitude that Lowe seems to have an issue wth. He seem to believe that moments like this are why people resent and hate celebrities. This seems to be an issue plaguing the business, and also explains why terms like the "Hollywood Elite" have come into existence. One would assume that a California resident would at least have a passing knowledge of the mudslides, although apparently it took a Twitter backlash to alert Thorne of the ongoing tragedy.

Bella Thorne did eventually see the wrong in her traffic comment, and acknowledged her mistake with a new tweet.

Bella Thorne at least seems to be taking responsibility for her earlier misstep. And in addition to tweeting out about the mudslide, she also seems to have deleted her original tweet. Unfortunately, Rob Lowe and many others have the screenshots, so she's still receiving a fair amount of heat over on Twitter.

Hopefully there's some message to be learned here. As The Social Network says, the internet is written in ink, not pencil. Our thoughts are will the victims of the mudlisdes in California.

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