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Corey Feldman Today

On Tuesday night, Corey Feldman was rushed to the hospital, claiming he was stabbed by multiple unknown individuals. Details were scarce in the day to follow, but more information has been revealed about the former child actor's scary situation. As it is reported today, Corey Feldman is being tested for infections after he was allegedly stabbed with a possible syringe. Feldman is deeply shaken by the traumatic incident, and concerned for his safety.

People provided an update on Corey Feldman's situation. According to the actor/musician's representative, Feldman not only believes he was stabbed by a syringe of some sort, but he is concerned that it may be infected. He is currently being "tested for HIV" and any other disease he might've procured from an infected needle. As it was noted yesterday, Feldman believes that he was attacked by a "wolfpack" out to potentially silence him.

According to Corey Feldman's account, the actor was sitting at a stoplight in a car with his security team when his door was opened and he was jabbed by an unknown object by an unidentified individual (or individuals) at approximately 10:45 PM. Feldman's condition was considered stable yesterday, and when Corey Feldman told his Twitter followers about the incident, he stressed that he was okay. Feldman also tweeted that the LAPD considered the incident an "attempted homicide" and that they were investigating it as such, but the LAPD has come forward to deny that's the case. The LAPD also noted there were no subject or subject descriptions available at this time, and that their investigation of the incident was still ongoing.

Corey Feldman, however, claims the incident is the result of "vile" online attackers who've formed a wolfpack to bring him down. He believes this attack is not only connected, but in response to, his extra efforts to shine a light on child sexual abuse in the entertainment industry. Last year, Feldman started a GoFundMe page seeking $10 million in donations to expose and bring down alleged pedophiles around or previously in the Hollywood scene. Since the fall of last year, after his recent tour with his band, Corey's Angels, Corey Feldman has focused most of his time and effort into this pursuit.

While Corey Feldman has no proof that this wolfpack of people threatening and harassing him online are the ones responsible for his recent hospital stay, he remains terrified. It is also noted that the attackers didn't ask for Feldman's wallet or take his car. The attack was "quick" and it happened so fast that Corey Feldman didn't get a chance to see who put him in the hospital. Feldman's representative claims that Feldman didn't know what hit him.

Corey Feldman is best known for his '80s roles in The Goonies and Stand By Me. The full extent of Feldman's injuries is unknown at this time. We'll keep you posted on any additional information as it comes. In the meantime, we wish Feldman a quick and safe recovery in this time of great distress.