Why Cardi B Might Not Share Baby Updates With The Public

Cardi B "I Like It" Music Video

It's common knowledge that Cardi B is having a baby. The 25-year-old rapper previously denied her speculated pregnancy when rumors began swirling during Super Bowl weekend, but the rising musician finally revealed the truth during a recent musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live a couple months ago. Now that she's no longer hiding the news, Cardi B has been open about her pregnancy and the arrival of her new baby. But she admits that when her first child enters the world, she is probably going to be a little less open to showing the world her newborn child. Cardi B wants to respect the privacy of the child, and recently opened up about this struggle saying:

I'm iffy about it. My feelings get hurt when people online talking about family members. I think I'll kill somebody if somebody talking about my child life that.

The admission came during Cardi B's profile in Rolling Stone. Alongside her fiance, fellow rapper Offset, the celebrity couple believes that, while the expected child's mom isn't afraid to be open on her social media feeds, they would rather keep the baby away from the gaze of the media and the scrutiny of trolls. They're not afraid to keep a public profile when it comes to their career, but the child's life will be experienced a little more privately, according to the "Bodak Yellow" musician. It's a sensitive issue, and there are some things the musician would rather keep private now.

Meanwhile, Cardi B is also figuring how what kind of mother she will be once the child arrives. She believes her own mother was too strict, which resulted in the reality TV personality being a bit rebellious. Therefore, Cardi B wants to be her upcoming daughter's best friend, teaching her various languages like French and Spanish and getting her to participate in kick boxing and ballet lessons when she gets a little older. She also admits that, when her daughter is older and ready for the craziness of the world, Cardi B is going to tell her everything she's learned through her colorful life.

But that's for the future. Cardi B and Offset are focused on the now. And when the child arrives, Cardi B will make sure to keep her daughter away from the public spotlight until she's ready to emerge.

Meanwhile, Cardi B recently released her first studio album, Invasion of Privacy. She's not touring right now, obviously, because of the little baby growing inside her, but she promises to return to the stage once she's able to again. The musician was also recently featured in the newest episode of Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifiankis, which also featured Jerry Seinfeld.

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