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Beyonce Knowles Grammys 2017

The Beyhive is buzzing with speculation right now. Why? Because they might have reason to Bey-lieve their Queen B is pregnant again. While Beyonce Knowles hasn't made any announcements or indications about the matter while she's currently on a worldwide tour with Jay-Z, that hasn't stopped the internet from diving into rumors that the musical family will soon welcome another child into their lives. According to fans, Beyonce is leaving hints out for her fans, and some believe that's enough reason to think that child number four will soon be joining the Carter family. Here's what we know.

Throughout her ongoing On the Run II tour, as spotted by E! News, Beyonce Knowles has been seen in Paris wearing a baggy fringe jacket which was styled over a pair of denim hot pants, opposed to the skintight attire she has been wearing at other stops on the tour. While that alone isn't enough to speculate on Beyonce's pregnancy, Beyonce added fuel to the fire by posing in front of the number four on Instagram, which some people take as a hint.

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Additionally, during a recent performance of "Bonnie & Clyde," Beyonce Knowles ended the song by placing her hand gently onto her stomach before she was seen strutting off the stage. There is footage of this recent song closure, which you can see below. This move is similar to the one Bey did during the 2011 VMAs when she announced her pregnancy by dropping the mic and rubbing her stomach soon after finishing "Love on Top."

Now, of course, it is possible that these two moments are simply coincidental and that fans online are looking too deeply into them. It would certainly not be the first time fans have overanalyzed a celebrity's actions. And, if Beyonce Knowles is really, truly pregnant, we all know that we're going to hear it straight from the source -- whenever she feels like it's time to announce it. Unless that happens soon, however, Bey's fans will keep speculating.

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z continue to light the world on fire with their On the Run II tour. It's only a matter of days, though, before they make their way back to the United States. The North America portion of the tour is expected to kick off on July 25th in Cleveland, OH. And, if Beyonce has something to announce to her fans, there's a good chance that she'll save it until the second half of her extended tour. Meanwhile, the tour hasn't been without its drama. Beyonce found herself stuck on top of a large platform during her recent concert in Warsaw, Poland, and the stage mishap resulted in Beyonce coming down a ladder to end the concert. Of course, Beyonce Knowles knows how to work around stage flaws.

Beyonce is, of course, the mother of three: Blue Ivy (6) and twins, Rumi and Sir Carter (1). If there's another baby in Beyonce's stomach, that'll make the fourth addition to the Carter family, meaning that Beyonce and Jay-Z have more to love. We'll certainly keep you posted if a confirmation on this situation happens.