The Insane Amount Of Money Kylie Jenner Has Spent On Postmates

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Postmates makes life simpler for a lot of hungry people. Through the touch of an app, you can have food delivered right to your doorstep, and it makes life a little easier if you have the disposable income to spend a little extra cash on food purchases. Because everyone has a mouth or two to feed, but may not want to take the trip outside. Truly, the wonders of technology are alive.

Kylie Jenner is someone with a lot of disposable income, it's safe to say. So it shouldn't come to a surprise that she's a big fan of the service, and typically uses it in her extremely luxurious day-to-day life. But you might be a little surprised to learn just how much Kylie Jenner spent on the food delivery app.

According to The Receipt, Kylie Jenner has spent more than $10,000 on Postmates in the past year. Holy moley, that's a whole lot of moolah to spend on food. Of course, since Jenner is well on her way to becoming a billionaire (if not a self-made one) at the young age of 20, it should not be too shocking to learn that Jenner spent upwards of 10 grand or more on the food-based app. But it is certainly quite a lot of money to spend on just one app.

Of course, Kylie Jenner is someone who can rent out all of Six Flags on Travis Scott's birthday and spend $27,000 on a purse for her baby daughter, Stormi. It shouldn't be too surprising that she would spend thousands of dollars just to get food throughout the year. But it's certainly more than one person normally spends on the service, it's safe to assume, and that's certainly one of many luxuries you can afford when you've nearly got $1 billion.

To be more specific, Kylie Jenner made 186 orders through Postmates in 2018, and the orders were often diverse in nature. She could be ordering a 1946 Don Julio Añejo Tequila bottle to a single lone carrot. Based on the number of orders, it sounds like she relied on it constantly and the price just added up over the course of a year. That happens. When you have that much money to spend freely, you could easily spend $10,000 on Postmates.

And while it's often used for food purchases, it can also be used for stores as well. So in the year 2018, Postmates became something of a personal assistant for Kylie Jenner, available directly from her phone. Just through the click of a button, you can order whatever would please you at the time. It's a nifty device, and it can be a costly one if you rely on it readily, like Kylie Jenner, evidently. Nevertheless, it won't be hurting Jenner's money bank.

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