Taylor Swift's Home Invader Arrested Following Second Break-In

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While Taylor Swift has a great amount of appreciation for her vast and often extremely local fans, there are sometimes a few supporters of the musician's work who find themselves, well, perhaps a little too close for comfort. Case-in-point: Roger Alvarado, a reported stalker who was arrested by the New York Police Department on Thursday at 2:45 AM, after his second attempt to break-in to the celebrity's residence. In fact, it was the second time in less than a year that Alvarado has unsuccessfully made an effort to comfort the musician, and he is being charged with a slew of criminal offenses for this latest criminal misdeed.

According to the police reports, Roger Alvarado climbed onto the second floor balcony of Taylor Swift's New York City residence in order to break inside her apartment. Thankfully, as it was reported by E! News, the pop musician was not inside her house at this time. It is unclear where she was. Alvarado reportedly used a brick in order to break a window. That's when the security system went off, expectedly, and the police were alerted of this latest breaking-and-entering attempt.

Since his recent arrest, Roger Alvarado has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief, possession of burglar tools (in this case, a brick) and criminal contempt, since Alvarado's order of protection was violated by this latest break-in attempt.

As mentioned earlier, Roger Alvarado has previously attempted to break into Taylor Swift's complex. The first attempt came in April of 2018. When he was arrested the first time around, he was charged with similar offenses: stalking in the first degree, burglary, criminal mischief in the third degree and criminal trespassing in the third degree. He pleaded guilty to his charges in December, and he was sentenced to six months in prison. Although, by the time he was sentenced, he had served a majority of his time behind bars. He also had a five-year probation period in place.

Now that Roger Alvarado was caught for a second time for the same offense, there's a good chance that he will be serving a longer prison sentence if he is convicted a second time. But the court will decide what the verdict will be in the months to come. Even though he is currently locked behind bars, though, this newest break-in continues a fear of violence that Swift has felt as her celebrity continues to grow. These stalkers prove to be a menace to the superstar, and while she has thankfully not been hurt, they do provoke a deep sense of terror in not knowing when some rabid fan might want to pay the musician an unexpected visit.

As Taylor Swift has said before, she tries to keep a personal relationship to her fans by being honest and real in her music. While that attracts no shortage of music lovers to appreciate her work, there is always an ugly side to fame. She values her privacy, and sometimes goes to extreme lengths to prevent anyone from coming up to her at unsuspecting moments. But it's not hard to find her addresses online, as she notes. And stalkers have unfortunately used this information for nefarious purposes. Taylor Swift safe now, hopefully, but these persistent stalkers continue to be problematic -- particularly reoccurring people like Roger Alvarado.

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