NSYNC Is Trolling Justin Timberlake Over It's Gonna Be May Memes

Justin Timberlake - "It's Gonna Be Me" Music Video

On the Internet, especially for nostalgic pop music-lovers, April 30th has become a holiday of sorts. Through the power of memes, it's now an annual social media tradition to welcome the fifth month of the year by posting a screenshot of Justin Timberlake circa 2000 singing the title lyrics to NSYNC's hit single, "It's Gonna Be Me." For practically as long as memes have been around, there is always someone gearing up to introduce the month of May with Timberlake's familiar blonde curls and his rather peculiar way of singing the word "me." Now, the meme's popularity has grown to the point where even the other former members of NYSNC are poking Justin Timberlake's ribs about this reoccurring bit. Has this meme finally peaked?

That's not for us to say, but on April 30th, Chris Kirkpatrick celebrated the build-up to May by posting the following picture on his Instagram account. Give it a look.

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Meanwhile, Lance Bass got even sillier about the whole deal, posting a picture of a dog with ramen noddles on his head that's made to look like Justin Timberlake at the turn of the new millennium. Here's Lance Bass' gleeful Instagram response.

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Furthermore, Joey Fatone also took part in the April 30th festivities, if in a rather corporate fashion. On Instagram, the musician posted a paid ad for Maytag, which read "It's Gonna Be May," and in the caption section, Fatone wrote, "Wink, wink, nod, nod." Who says you can't get some extra cash in your pocket while you're celebrate the band's favorite holiday? If anyone objects, they shouldn't tell Fatone, at least.

Justin Timberlake wasn't going to sit back and let everyone else in the popular boy group make fun of this signature tune without his two cents. And his response to April 30th's shenanigans was perhaps the cheekiest of them all. Timberlake posted a clip from the famous music video, playing the rise-up to the famous lyric. But just before it gets to the part where Timberlake says "May," the Instagram video instantly cuts off. In the caption section, Justin Timberlake wasn't afraid to note that "you already know" what is about to happen next. Check it out.

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These responses don't seem in the least bit malicious, so it sound be noted that this is all in good fun. As Lance Bass explained on Good Morning America, the members of NSYNC are in a group chat together, and they're quick to share their favorite "It's Gonna Be May" memes to one another. That's why, to them, April 30th is a bonafide holiday, and the boy band wanted to get their celebrations out there on social media for all the world to see and join in on the fun. May might now be here, but that shouldn't stop the fun for NSYNC, as seen in these fun, celebratory posts.

We tease each other daily on our group text, but today is definitely one of our favorite holidays.

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