Miley Cyrus Unfollows Liam Hemsworth On Twitter, Legit Decision Or Poor Form?

In case you didn’t know, Miley Cyrus does what she wants. Grind up on Robin Thicke with a foam finger? She’s in. Swing naked from a giant wrecking ball? Obviously down. Decorum, tact and calculated, reasoned decisions aren’t exactly her strong suit, which is probably why she got a little pissed off and decided to unfollow her own fiancé Liam Hemsworth of all people.

Rumors of possible problems between Cyrus and Hemsworth have been circulating since practically the moment they started dating. Damn near the moment after they got engaged, observers were already wondering when they’d break up, and we’ve gotten plenty of stories about her not wearing her ring and him allegedly being pissed off about her sexually forward nature ever since. Until this week, however, both Miley and Liam vehemently denied any problems in paradise, but there’s really no denying this unfollowing issue, first reported by US Magazine.

On the one hand, given all the recent whispers about Hemsworth allegedly hooking up with January Jones and his supposed anger about her VMAs performance, it’s easy to see why she would get pissed off and send him a little message using Twitter. In the grand scheme of things, that’s pretty subtle and yet still proves a point.

On the other hand, however, unfollowing someone on Twitter? That’s extremely sophomoric. That’s the type of thing people do when they’re eighteen-year-old high school seniors falling in-and-out of love not engaged twenty-somethings trying to make a real go of it. In fact, it kind of makes their whole relationship, whether they get married or not, seem like a joke.

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