Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison Gave Out Coolest Wedding Favors Ever

Rick Harrison might be used to driving a hard bargain, but when it came to his wedding, the Pawn Stars wheeler-and-dealer spared no expense. The forty-seven-year-old business owner walked down the aisle with his thirty-seven-year-old bride Deanna Burditt in a ceremony in Laguna Beach, California on Sunday, and by all accounts, it was a festive, beautiful and deeply unusual ceremony.

According to People, the event was attended by one hundred and eighty friends and family members at took place at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton. Partygoers were entertained by rock band Steel Panther, and in perhaps the coolest party favor giveaway I’ve ever heard of, all those in attendance left with a customized bobblehead featuring the bride and groom in their snazzy wedding attire. I have no idea how much 180 of those gifts cost, but whatever he spent was well worth it.

Reality star Corey Harrison served as one of three best men, alongside Rick’s other two sons, and the wedding was officiated by frequent Pawn Stars guest expert and Counting Cars headman Danny Koker, who, hilariously, wore a suit without any sleeves on it. Loveable antagonist Chumlee was also on hand at the ceremony. He served as ringbearer, while the Old Man no doubt looked on and muttered angry judgements.

Both Harrison and Burditt have been married two times prior to this ceremony. Obviously, none of those attempts at happiness worked out, but with a little more life experience, there’s no reason to think this relationship won’t work out. She’s got three girls from her previous marriages, and he’s got three boys from his. Together, they’ve got a weird Brady Bunch vibe going on, but moving forward, their lives likely won’t be anything like the sitcom.

It takes a strange breed of person to want to live in Las Vegas for a long period of time. Luckily, these two seem to be stable and intelligent enough that it’s not a huge problem. She works as a paralegal, and he’s obviously a pawn shop owner, though exactly how much they’ll work moving forward is beyond me. He’s clearly done very well for himself, and Pawn Stars shows no signs of losing popularity. Therefore, he can probably continue to rake in a pretty sweet yearly wage while heading out on quite a few vacations during the year.

Pop Blend’s sincerest congratulations go out to both Harrison and Burditt during this exciting time. They each probably never thought they’d find someone worth walking down the aisle with again, but in each other, they could well each get their happy endings. Here’s to hoping they get just that.

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