See Bethenny Frankel Accidentally Flash Her Panties On Anderson

Ladies, if you’re ever preparing for a guest spot on Anderson Cooper’s new talk show and wondering whether wearing panties is a good idea, follow Bethenny Frankel’s lead. The former Real Housewife was taping an appearance on the program when the subject of pushups came up. The silver fox took off his jacket and got ready to assume the position. Unfortunately, or fortunately, when Frankel vaulted down to do the same, her dress flew up. I’m not talking rode up a few inches, I’m talking completely reversed, leaving her pink underwear staring half the audience in the face.

Cooper was noticeably amused by the situation, belting out his trademark laugh and joking about how annoyed the other half of the studio audience must have been. Frankel on the other hand let out a shocked scream before recovering and asking the audience how it looked. You can take a look at the humorous incident below…

I’m not sure there’s a woman in the world that hasn’t suffered a similar misfortune at some point. Now and again, it’s the tradeoff that comes with wearing a dress. Luckily, when a girl wears underwear, it’s a goofy situation that can be easily laughed off.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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